Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar Catches Up with Carson Daly

Kendrick Lamar met up with Carson Daly at a bar during his visit to SXSW in Austin, Texas, earlier this month. During Monday night’s “Last Call,” the West Coast lyricist discussed the pressure surrounding his debut, growing up in Compton, and his conversations with Dr. Dre.

“All these years of preparation and dedication to my craft, it’s time now,” said Kendrick. “I know I’m gonna execute and give the people what they need and what they expect from me.”

Despite growing up in the rough streets of Compton, he still managed to hold on to his childhood. “Amongst all the house parties and the shootings, I was still able to be a kid and see that there was something else out there.”

He recalled the time his father took him to see Dr. Dre and Tupac shooting a music video in his neighborhood when he was eight. “A kid watching that, that was huge because these are people that we consider icons in the ghetto,” said Kendrick. “I was putting out that energy in the universe so much to the day where I’m actually in the studio with Snoop and Dre.”

Watch the full interview below.


  • King dro

    I really don’t know what to expect with this project but i’ve yet to be disappionted by his entire career thus far

  • XO till we overdose

    kendrick lamar seems extremely educated, much respect for this man.

  • Hugh

    Carson’s great

    Exited about KL album

  • Joey

    Kendrick is real good peoples. Talented Emcee! I like how Carson takes personal interest. Great interview.

  • Puma Kamarullah

    Much respect for my nigga Kendrick!! Can’t wait for the album!!