Maroon 5 Calls On Wiz Khalifa for New Album

Wiz Khalifa and Adam Levine

Wiz Khalifa is answering Maroon 5’s call. The Taylor Gang leader has collaborated with the pop-rock band on their upcoming album.

Wiz appears on “Payphone,” a Benny Blanco-produced cut off the group’s fourth LP Overexposed, reports Rolling Stone. Earlier this year, the rapper tweeted a photo of himself in the studio with frontman Adam Levine.

“This is our most ‘pop’ record ever and we weren’t shy about really going for it,” said M5 guitarist James Valentine.

Overexposed arrives June 26, while Wiz has enlisted Benny Blanco and for his second major label album O.N.I.F.C.

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  1. Hugh



    white hos love BBC Reply:

    @Hugh, one hit wonder…..


  2. The Burnt Rapper

    It’s shit! Wiz can’t rap! I came here cuz i wanna see how horrible he is…! Damn, i was right! Nicki Minaj does better crap dan him or Kimmie! Rappers these days…


    NickiDaLADY Reply:

    @The Burnt Rapper, OMG! you’re so RIGHT! Wiz only rap f**k shits! Nicki Minaj is DA QUEEN! yo!


  3. WeezyRock

    cant waut!


  4. Yummy

    WIZard suuuuuuccccckkkkksssss! Can not understand y anyone n their right mind would want him anywhere on there album or song……what a waste of space! #worstrapperever…..


  5. Big Man

    Man, Wiz Khalifa is 1 of the worst rapper in history. U know how bad? So bad i can’t even call him a ‘rapper’. A rapper is some1 like Weezy, Drake or Lil Kim! What’s he? A nigga asshole? All he could do is “Black & Yellow”, u call that trash a song?! Go dig me, Wiz!


  6. kasaija

    Can’t wait.


  7. TheFlier

    he betta not ruin a good Shellback song, tat rapper…


  8. Wrap

    Why Adam, why???


  9. Melika

    ^ You’re all dumb for hating on Wiz .. He has a life & obviously you don’t! I’m sure Adam & Maroon 5 know what and who they want on their album, your just hating ’cause it ain’t YOU!


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