Video: Tank – ‘Underrated’


Tank reflects on his own talent in the Mike Ho-directed video for “Underrated,” a cut off last year’s Diary of a Mad Man mixtape. “I wasn’t created to be so underrated,” sings the R&B crooner as he sits at the bus stop looking up at billboards with his face on it, while the superstar version of himself walks by. Tank’s new album This Is How I Feel drops May 8.

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  1. H-Town

    Dude albums always solid and real R&B, underrated indeed.


    me Reply:

    @H-Town, I definitely agree. His last album is in my car right now…..very solid album.


  2. 1 Luvoe puls 5dayz blue

    amazing video.


  3. Brandy

    Awesome!!! He doesn’t get the credit he deserves..


  4. lyfechanges

    i love this man…in due time boo…in due time


    CocoC Reply:

    @lyfechanges, in due time? he’s like 40


  5. tye

    Tank is one of the best R&B artists out there now
    the song is fire & I like this video


  6. Jab

    No denying Tank has a great voice-1of the best, but his records lately are not good. He should have kept them songs he gave away to other artists for himself. thats whats wrong with singers/writers. they give their hits away to other people. now that is why you are underrated my brother!





  8. Roro

    I totally agree with the fact that he is a great talent, but I don’t know I’m just not feeling the point of making a song about that. He is where he is supposed to be, he’s not mind blowing either. I’ve always loved Tank’s music and sometimes I wish people knew a bit more about his songs and all yeah, but when I stand back I kinda understand why. If he’s not satisfied with his current position, then work harder and upgrade your game without falling into something too commercial.
    Still a fan though and the vocals are great on this track!


  9. Phoenix_Wright

    ugh I can’t stand when people call themselves underrated. And honestly he might stay underrated because that mixtape was pure trash, a huge step back from Now or Never.


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