Rihanna Joins ‘Battleship’ Cast at London Press Conference


Rihanna was looking fierce and fit at a photo call for Universal Pictures’ Battleship, Hollywood’s $200 million adaptation of Hasbro’s naval combat board game. The blonde superstar posed with the cast including Brooklyn Decker and Taylor Kitsch at a photo call at the Corinthia Hotel in London on Wednesday.

RiRi plays Navy weapons officer Raikes in the Peter Berg-directed film, which opens in theaters on May 18.

“She’s a fighter, she’s a killer,” said the 24-year-old of her tough character. “I’m one of the boys. We do everything together. We go on all our missions together.”

During the press conference, she was asked about her rumored relationship with Ashton Kutcher. “Wow, how disappointing was that question,” she told the reporter. “I’m happy and I’m single if that’s what you’re really asking.”

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  1. Isac

    why does she look old ? she needs to stop smoking


    619productions Reply:

    @Isac, lol its the hair


    Tiffany Reply:

    @Isac, Beyonce needs to lend Rih some of her lacefronts because Rihannas choice in Blonde wigs are doing nothing for her! Come on Bey you must have a couple spare from over the years. Also i thought Rihanna was a bit bitchy to that reporter.


    Weezy P*ssy Baby Reply:


    She Was, Like Rih Being A Sl*t For A Living. The Reporter Was Just Asking A Question, Offense? Her Sluggish Ways Are Catching Up To Her. & Bey Doesn’t Wear Lacefronts or Her Hair-Line Would Be Behind Her Ears.


    minto Reply:

    @Weezy P*ssy Baby, god forbid she gets offended over a question that has nothing to do with the movie and she is automatically a bitch…smfh…are people gotta do better


    Natasha Reply:

    @Weezy P*ssy Baby, How you know Beyonce don’t wear lacefronts???? you couldn’t possibly be that blind or deceived to say she don’t, could you??? I like Rihanna’s answer. Thats the exact comeback I myself would returned. For those calling Rihanna out of her name and calling her disrespectful, most of you would have done the same if not worst….


    FLYSLY Reply:

    @Isac, I was thiking the same thing!


    ChiONE Reply:

    She is a chemeleon, she can do and wear anything she wants. She went from brown to black to red hair. Hater get offline if you have nothing posotive to say.


    Naia Reply:

    @Isac, yes she looks like 56 years old…. really man?


  2. Joshua

    This is the best blonde wig she’s worn so far!!


  3. DamnBro

    She looks fucking amazing


  4. Weezy P*ssy Baby

    Bey & Rih Rih Are The Same AGE? Oh Damn. Bey Looks About 27 & Rih About 32. Damn Boo, You Looking Terrible.


    Queen Bey is looking like easy breezy beautiful bad bitches Reply:

    @Weezy P*ssy Baby, lmfao no honey Bey is 30 Rih is only 24 … both beautiful women though.


  5. Brown Sugar

    She should have gotten pissy with that reporter, cuz she was only there to promote her movie, not answer any personal questions!


  6. Jay Scorpio

    dat reporter never even saw it coming… tryna be slick wit it paying compliments before getting to her hidden agenda and RiRi was READY bytch hahaha #CatchDaSHADE


  7. Oh Please

    LMAO she tried it with that question! #DEAD


  8. likane

    ho pleas the reporter ask this question because this has rihatrd spends his time feeding the rumors he does not go a week without his team and what does not create or invent a rumor just to make if the buzz is not a duet with one who mugged and publish nude photo of her on social networks or when she twitted she loves smoking drugs or when she goes out without bra to speak she wants to play the madonna but his n ‘is a character which cheek to give a picture but what is funny in all his life in the most pretentious you are in life and more predictable so your fall is a good selling you rihtard


    George Reply:

    @likane, This rant went off the rails toward the end. I was reading the end like “DA FUCK??”


    ed Reply:

    @George, RIGHT? it made no sense at all.


    sara Reply:

    @likane, ok…who let the special ed kids on the cpu again…


  9. EL

    Rihanna doesn’t play. She will make you feel so small if you come at her sideways.

    Good for her.


  10. coolio

    She’s so mean. She could’ve just said “I don’t feel comfortable answering that question” and just move on. That reporter could have also not have just to the conclusion that she’s seeing what’s his face.


  11. Meme

    Lol I love it. Rihanna is such a bitch. I think she is fukin Ashton tho.


  12. Audrey Hepburn

    She looks amazing. :)


  13. shubaka

    her air looks like a mess


  14. BJ

    aint it funny how all the girls on this post are overly pressed calling her “old” like calling RIHANNA, RIHANNA, “OLD”…*CHUCKLES* oh

    oh how simple it is to talk behind a computer


    From Tokyo Reply:

    @BJ, Please don’t play that game; men hate on women as much as women, sometimes more. You tried it, though.


  15. lovely

    i actually love how she said it “How disappointing was that question?” …dont get the whole “bitch” part but hey ugly ppl behind the screen remember that


  16. Hugh

    She looks great

    Love her


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