Trey Songz Talks Trayvon Martin, T.I. Collaboration on ‘Breakfast Club’

Trey Songz

Trey Songz braved the “The Breakfast Club” while promoting his new single “Heart Attack.” The ladies’ man touched on various topics including his fifth album, the Trayvon Martin case, social media, and if sex truly ain’t better than love, as his single implies.

Despite the temptation of crossover success, Trey will always remain rooted in R&B. “I’m gonna always be an R&B singer no matter how many crossover records I have in the Hot 100,” he said. “It’s important for me to keep my music urban and what I started it to be ’cause it’s not cool to be an R&B singer no more. That’s not the thing to do if you want a hit.”

He’s recorded about 30 songs for his upcoming album Chapter V including a collaboration with T.I. called “Two Reasons,” which the hosts referred to as “Bitches and Drinks.”

The conversation turned serious when discussing the Trayvon Martin tragedy and Trey’s own experience with racism. “It’s a month later and justice still hasn’t been served,” he said. “It’s truly outlandish that this is going down.”

Trey will star in the horror flick The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D, hitting theaters next February.

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  1. Bubbles

    Loved this interview


  2. da fan

    this is the best breakfast club ever, they know how to get an artist tawkin. They just say wat eva, I like em’


  3. aye

    new Justin Timberlake – Bank Robber


  4. Weirdo



  5. lmfao

    i think trey songz is a fake he didnt start talking about trayvon martin untile other celeb started and they got buzz from it so he now wants 2 talk about it bullshit


    SdotB Reply:

    @lmfao, why he gotta be fake? this is a serious issues that everyone is talkin about, whether they’re a celebrity or not…it affected all african americans so he should be able to talk about it


  6. wow

    he is so cocky he think he could get any girl he want and he wants 2 work with other big celeb 2 get buzz around him and he is not that good of a singer live like he is on his tracks


  7. omg

    he is a liar he said he wrote most of his songs and did not write none of his song he is getting sued for songs he claim he write


  8. :D

    him and beyonce should do a song 2gether there both the same the both are hard workers eat sleep breath music i think it would b a hot song


  9. LuvIt

    Lmao at these pressed people. Trey did not bring Trayvon, they asked him. So how is he looking for attention? Also Trey has written songs for Patti Labelle and Aretha Franklin. He does write most of his music, the credits are there for all to see. Plus he has never been sued for stealing writing credits. Where do y’all get ur info?

    He is right in this interview, people jump on bandwagons, and forget all about it in a week… Trey def is one of the few artists that give back and does so quietly, not for attention


  10. Bubbles

    @LuvIt Thank you like these people are delusional. He’ll never be able to please anyone but himself. He’s still making his money so what they’re saying doesn’t mean anything. I will always love and support Trey


  11. 2pac

    not bad.


  12. Siera.

    My cousin did great!!!!!!! ^_____^


  13. jb

    He sorry and fake… Only do T.I a song cause Usher did we show T.I show that Usher got T.I on 7 album… all way copy Usher….!


  14. Maxi

    Hi Ray, sorry for my late reply. I’ve been busy with work, and getting ready to go on vaiatcon lol. I’d be interested to know more about your first impression of this site, because I’m always looking to work on that aspect. As for my opinion on rap, I think that a lot of your critiques are focused on a cultural difference. Rap came from black culture, and gangs, drugs, and jail are unfortunate realities for the black culture, especially in the 80s when rap was created. Do I think that rap can focus more on the positive? Definitely. However, I view rap as a form of self expression, and a lot of the people who are into it are of the same culture, namely the lower class, and those who have to struggle to get everything that they have. When the imagery is thus, it’s defining a niche for the music. It’s saying that this music is for you, if you can relate to this . Of course, a lot of things in rap have become cliched, and there are different ways to express these things so I’m not a big fan of overly cliched music, regardless of the genre Thanks for reading and commenting!


  15. floydkenon

    hi sorry foy late reply


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