Drake Impersonates Lil Wayne and Freestyles for Tim Westwood

Tim Westwood and Drake

During his trip to the U.K. for the “Club Paradise” tour, Drake showed off another one of his many talents by impersonating Lil Wayne while visiting BBC Radio 1Xtra host Tim Westwood.

“Impersonations are my thing amongst my friends,” said Drizzy, while getting into character as his Young Money boss. “You always have to get how he goes from happy to serious within like .5 seconds.”

Drake discussed Wayne’s clothing line Trukfit and sports in the mock interview. “That’s my brother. I do it all in good fun,” he said. “That’s my idol, so I know everything.”

He also delivered a freestyle for the British radio jock. “This also for the hood stars that I created whose booking rate went up after we dated/ Girl, you made it for real,” rapped Drizzy.

Watch both videos below.

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  1. Joedirt

    Drake is THE MAN…


    Weirdo Reply:

    @Joedirt, He Love him some Wayne..um


  2. Joedirt

    The UK got everything this week…Drake, Wolf GaNg,222


  3. StarsAreBlind

    LOL! That’s so funny. Him and Nicki are around Wayne too much. I guess this makes him the Canadian Weezy?


  4. tt



  5. da fan

    Wow he can freestyle now,…..Biaaaatch!!


    StarsAreBlind Reply:

    @da fan, Big misconception. Freestyle doesn’t necessarily mean off the top of the head. The old meaning (actual to me because it lines up with the actual definition used in poetry which is where they got the name from) is a verse with no particular subject, or having any type of structure. A rap song without a chorus is usually considered a freestyle.


  6. yoooo

    he’s sooooo corny


  7. yoooo

    and that aint a freestyle


  8. farrah

    cutee, but when it comes to freestyle Eminem is the Boss


    SErgio Reply:

    @farrah, he aint cute but iagree with eminem part!


  9. cjane

    hahaha that shot was to funy OMG lol cant believe


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