Drake Talks Next Album, Rita Ora, and Getting ‘Punk’d’


Drake made the media rounds during his visit to the U.K. this week for his sold-out “Club Paradise” concerts at London’s O2 Arena. The Young Money star, whose video for “Take Care” with Rihanna is set to debut this week, chatted with KISS FM about working with Jamie xx on the follow-up to Take Care, writing a song for his “little brother” Justin Bieber, and the gift Rita Ora gave him.

He also shared his scary experience being “Punk’d” by his friend CJ and Ashton Kutcher. “I thought I was gonna die,” Drizzy told Tim Westwood.

Read highlights from both interviews below.

On why he’s able to appeal to men as well as women: “There’s some people who aren’t comfortable in their own skin so they kinda lash out at other people who are. I think for the majority of men, there’s a mutual respect when you see another dude who’s doing his thing, who’s getting girls, who’s doing a great job at getting money, and he’s doing it all by being himself.”

On his next album: “I’m sort of at that place where I’m collecting beats. I recently did some work with 2 Chainz. I really want [Jamie xx] to have a big presence on this next album. [Noah "40" Shebib] is back home working on an incredible project. I can’t wait to get back there and work with him.”

On Rita Ora: “One of the greatest gifts I ever received in my whole life—I wear it every day—is this ring right here. They tried to talk about this ring the other day and say I got married to somebody, which I didn’t. Rita actually gave me this ring. We’re dear friends. ‘R.I.P.’ is a song that I originally wrote for Rihanna. Rihanna actually didn’t take the song. I think it was for [Loud] and Rita expressed interest in it and anything I can do for Rita, I will do.”

On writing for Justin Bieber’s upcoming album Believe: “We actually only spent one night in the studio. I was trying to spend a week and get some great songs for him. I heard his single ['Boyfriend'] the other day. I’m really proud of him. It sounds like a growth. I wrote one song and I believe I’m supposed to finish it this week.”

On getting “Punk’d”: “My friend CJ punk’d me the other day with Ashton Kutcher. I thought I was gonna die, man. That’s how severe it was. ‘Punk’d’ used to be about getting angry, but the new ‘Punk’d’ is like, ‘Hey man, are you gonna have your life at the end of this?’ I thought I was gonna die, to the point where I was calling my mom.”

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  1. Leslie Thompson

    Hes a great entertainer. I like his singing more than rapping though


  2. Rxi

    been a fan for over 6yrs now and finally witnessed him live at the o2 – 27th March 2012 ! i will be a fan till the end! you are a beautiful man !


    Yeah Reply:

    @Rxi, 6 years? f outta here, lyin ass motha _____


    Sbuam Reply:

    @Yeah, lmao dis dude blew up in 2008-2009


    iDance4Lyf Reply:

    @Sbuam, Ya’ll mustve forgot he’s had fans since Degrassi !! So 6yrs is true! Smh


  3. XO till we overdose

    tim westwood must be one of the most annoying people on earth….


  4. Kea

    For 6yrs? Drake started recording in 07, which means less than 5, plus I’m very doubt about you heard anything about him before “So Far Gone”


    Santi Reply:

    @Kea, LOL. He’s had 2 mixtapes before SO Far Gone. Ssssoo, what are you really trying to say? How do you know what other people has heard in the past? Just because you haven’t? Ok. Lol.


    Spartenia Reply:

    Room for improvement
    Come back season
    So Far Gone

    Ive been rocking with him from the beginning too, so why be doubtful?

    Let’s all be proud of the man who changed the game in his own way & is now a multi platinum, Grammy nominated artist whose headlining a festival for 65,000 people OVERSEAS…
    We all love Drizzy!


  5. Stupid hoe

    bitch ass nigga


  6. Hip-Hop Fiend

    I hope they show this crying when he gets Punk’d.


  7. S*

    he seems like the least dum rapper.
    I like him cause he’s different and is not afraid of trying new things.
    + his writting skills are very good!!


  8. Bobby

    Kanye & Beyonce’s reactions to getting punk’d > ALL. Kanye not tryna be punk’d was dope, and Beyonce checking her nail hahaha too funny love them both. Fuck PUNK’d ESPECIALLY with Justin Bieber hosting it like lmfaooo trying to make this kid happen.


    WOAH Reply:

    @Bobby, “Trying to make this kid happen”? Bro, he’s only hosting one episode. They changing host every week. And he’s more successful than anybody his age right now.


    iDance4Lyf Reply:

    @WOAH, EXACTLY !! People always tryna hate on the biebs! Perfect example of a hater!


  9. Josh

    Drake you should hook up with that Rita girl she is hoooot


  10. Mpho

    I saw Punk’d and this guy is soft man, lol!!!


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