Behind the Video: Dawn Richard – ‘Bombs’

Dawn Richard

You’ve seen the explosive video for Dawn Richard’s Armor On single “Bombs.” Now the NOLA native takes you behind the scenes as she rehearses in the studio before hitting the desert with her warriors.

“We just wanted it to be as native and as beautiful,” explained Dawn of the dance-heavy clip. “We wanted chocolate to be beautiful and animalistic and tribal because that’s what the sound of the album is. This is the first time people are actually seeing me dance.”

Watch them shoot until the sun sets and the desert creatures start to lurk.

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  1. Unknown

    She so cute I love her


  2. JK

    Dawn is dancing her butt off in this video.


  3. TRACY

    I love this girl! Dawn can dance her ass off. I need to see this video on 106&Park ASAP. And her Ep “Armor on” is dope. I stay listening to it. Dawn is so talented it’s scary (a good scary)! She has me wanting more.



    She looks so good in this video


  5. mel

    i am falling more and more in love with the her
    i seriously wish she would upload the dance practice for this! her and her back up dancers are getting it


  6. hill

    you go dawn


  7. Deception

    Ok, if I see that little black sweater again on her one more time. Been seeing this sweater on pics since SXSW. I know you say it is about the music but that sweater all the time is not a good look.
    And no more every body is wack and I am so clever. Just be different and let it be that! We are all different and like different things. Find your place Dawn and stop calling everybody else cookie-cutter and wack.


    #HeartsSpeak Reply:

    @Deception, Is she callin someone wack in this video? Where you gettin this from??

    I wonder if other people like complainin about artists they watch, or listen to… just accept the music, her style, etc. Or go watch someone else.


    Deception Reply:

    @#HeartsSpeak, It is on her tumblr. She posted it herself. That is where I am getting it from. Check out the interviews she has posted and all the pics. Same sweater…same statement about R&B being linear and the word “fans” being wack. She hasn’t been around long enough for those statements. Respect folks before you and geniune artist now! Do your thing and let others praise you for being different. It is called being HUMBLE! I am done with this!


    #HeartsSpeak Reply:

    @Deception, R&B IS linear now. When she says “wack”, I don’t think she is referring to artists, but to the music that is being played. She explains in her latest interview, “there are peaks of refreshing sounds, and I want to be a part of that “more” movement”.

    Also, calling the people that support her “fans” IS wack. This only has to do with HER, and how she VIEWS people that SUPPORT HER. She calls them family. Nothing is wrong with that… I’m glad you are bringing these points up though. Makes great room for discussion :D

    The lil black sweater, I don’t know what to say about it. I pay more attention to what she says, than what she wears…but thats just me.


  8. Ce-Ce

    As a big fan of dancing and a dancer myself this girl Dawn gets my 2 thumbs up.


  9. Deception

    @HeartsSpeak It is so funny to me how artist put themselves out in the public and expect people not to comment about them or the things they say. She claims she is telling her story, yet she and her fans don’t won’t you to make negative comments. Face facts it is not just about the music. If that was the case Artist would not hire stylist, publicist, and A&R people. She is trying to sell a product at the end of the day. Most artist do not get successful by putting others down, leave that for the comedians.


  10. contentmatters864

    @dawn richard @drichardpromo Go listen to India Arie’s Beautiful Flower on you tube and be inspired. Real music!!!!!!


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