Nardwuar Interviews Young Jeezy

Young Jeezy and Nardwuar

The Snowman met the Human Serviette when Young Jeezy rolled through Nardwuar’s hood of Vancouver. The Canadian interviewer impressed and shocked Jizzle with his vast knowledge of his career, questioning him about the strip clubs and soul food joints he frequents, his drink of choice (vodka), and love for No Limit and Cash Money back in the day. He presented him with old records including MC Shy D and Kilo Ali as well as a Master P doll.

“He works in the FBI. Gotta fucking watch you, man,” Jeezy told Nardwuar. Watch the hilarious interview below.

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  1. @SickOn_SWAGG

    I’m a let you have that one ….LOL


  2. Hugh

    Jeezy wasnt playing along


  3. Phil4Real

    That was hilarious!!! That dude from Bankhead, but he’s a lil uppidy. He never been to Ms.Ann’s for a ghetto burger? Typical ATL bourgeois.


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