Pitbull Heats Up Summer with ‘Global Warming’ Album


Pitbull is still heating up the charts with his Chris Brown-assisted single “International Love,” and he’s not cooling down anytime soon. Less than a year after releasing Planet Pit, the Miami rapper is readying his next project.

Global Warming, Pitbull’s seventh album, is due later this summer. It will be preceded by the single “Get It Started” featuring Colombian hottie Shakira.

Mr. 305 explained how the album’s title relates to the environmental crisis. “Obviously it’s something that is affecting us every day in our lives,” he told 91.7 The Bounce, “But more than anything, I feel that [my] career has been global warming because a lot of people are like, ‘Wow, look at him now. He’s heating things up. That guy’s everywhere.’

“It’s like, ‘No, we’ve always been here.’ It’s kinda like global warming. It’s always been here, now people are just starting to figure that thing out.”

Pitbull has also penned “Back in Time,” the theme song for the Men in Black III soundtrack, and is featured on Jennifer Lopez’s new single “Dance Again.”

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  1. MinajRules2012

    I aint gonna lie.. I love Nicki.. but i love pitbull too! I think im also starting to love Kim


    John Reply:

    @MinajRules2012, spread the love!!


  2. excited

    he needs to play his cards right.
    3 strong singles and he might pull 100,000 copies..but if releases smashes like he did with pp.


  3. Hugh

    Castle made of sand should have been the second single. PP would have hung around longer


  4. Kyle

    Pitbull is definitely a singles artist. His songs dominate the charts but his album sales don’t even come close to matching up. “Give Me Everything” was the song of the summer last year but people didn’t even know his album dropped. Not gonna lie though, he has some really catchy songs.


  5. He is consistent

    He never opens big but he is so consistent, with the right singles he always sell well. Pp is amos golf despite he has sold a lot of singles.


  6. Kishore

    I luv u man u r awesome i want to c u once


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