T.I., David Banner, & Wyclef Jean Confront Racial Profiling

David Banner

In the midst of the Trayvon Martin tragedy, David Banner and Wyclef Jean appeared on a special episode of BET’s “106 & Park” to discuss racial profiling and what can be done to stop it.

“What can we do to make sure that this doesn’t happen again?” asked an impassioned Banner. “We can march, we can sing, we can make songs—no we have to do something that means something so this will never happen to another child again.”

He suggested ways to bring about change by boycotting basketball games and not releasing music. “We have to find a way to hit America in its pocket or implement laws [against] people who feel like they want to be vigilantes,” he explained.

Wyclef passed along the advice he taught his daughter. “When anybody who has the authority to lock you up or take your life approaches you, the number one thing you have to learn is always remain calm and always speak calm back to the person,” advised Clef, who wore a hoodie in support of Martin. “Once you start to speak loud, the person’s gonna get louder and louder.”

T.I. also called in to share his thoughts on racial profiling, specifically when it comes to rappers. “I don’t think race should ever come into question whenever you’re looking to uphold justice and uphold the law,” said Tip.

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  1. WonderLand19

    I pray that we continue to press on with this movement. I also pray that we encourage kids from poor and multi-cultural backgrounds to look into jobs in the police force and government so that we have a voice in the high positions. The rich dont want individuals from poor and multi-cultural backgrounds because they know what a postive difference that will make on the laws passed.


  2. Donn

    Stop racial profiling??? U think its gonna stop cus of some marching and cool rap songs? This is life. Ppl are gonna be ppl. Its easy to think if u try ur best to stop negative things in the world they’ll go away but they wont. Be so nice if we could all live in a perfect world where everyone held hands under a rainbow and loved each other but we will never live a perfect world cus ppl arent perfect. The best thing we can do is seek justice not cus of the kid’s skin color but because his rights were violated. This has nothing to do with him being black. And its pissing me off that that is being the forefront of this tragedy. His skin. If he was white he would still deserve justice. But to try to STOP racial profiling is a pointless battle.


  3. Cortez

    im so over this shit, Trayvon Martin die okay and whats ur point. there aint a damn thang u can do bout it 2 bring him bk 2 life done…


  4. Velma

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