Nas Talks Fatherhood with Jay-Z, Co-Signs Meek Mill


Hip-hop royalty graced the “106 & Park” stage on Friday. While promoting his new single “The Don,” Nas opened up to Terrence and Rocsi about the Trayvon Martin tragedy, his conversations with Jay-Z, respect for Meek Mill, his upcoming album, and the late Heavy D, who co-produced “The Don.”

Wearing a hoodie in support of Martin, Nas said, “I don’t think he thought his life would ever become this legacy, so I’m just looking for justice.”

The man who once said hip-hop was dead praised the new generation of MCs. “Incredible. I love it,” he said. “They brought it back. Like you can’t listen to Meek Mill and not go, ‘Wow, it’s crazy.’”

Nas saluted Jay-Z for inviting him to perform with him at New York’s Carnegie Hall in February. “I never thought two project dudes would be on the Carnegie Hall stage,” laughed Nas, who shared their conversations about fatherhood.

“He was like, ‘Why you ain’t tell me about this, man?’ He’s cool. Congratulations to him and BeyoncĂ©.”

Nas is about a week away from finishing his 10th album Life Is Good, due this summer. “It’s heart wrenching, personal, and life, and all that good stuff,” he teased.

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  1. Ice

    Can’t believe Nas used Meek Mill as an example of good hip-hop. SMDH.


    Dre Reply:

    @Ice, Why not? Every rapper don’t have to sound like Talib Kweli on one side or Tupac on another. It’s a million different shades of Rap & Hip Hop.

    People are so busy trying to make Old school hiP hop mainstream they forget to keep it in the market at all.


    KimIsTheQueen Reply:

    @Dre, I totally get what you’re saying. But Meek Mill? Really? THAT’S what Nas considers bringing Hip Hop back? I beg to differ. Not to say that Meek doesn’t have a great delivery but he really is no different from other rap artists. He covers the same content as the next rapper. I get why Ice is disappointed. You’d expect Nas to mention someone else.


  2. Moey

    Meek mill is..he is REAL


  3. Garuba Yusuf

    It’s all part of keeping Hip-Hop “Alive” I like some of deez nu stuff, kinda brings back that long and forgotten spark


  4. TRA

    There is enough room in hip hop for every rapper to shine. I have no problem with Nas saying that he likes Meek Mill’s music. I wouldn’t put Meek Mill in top 1OO Best Rappers list, but that doesn’t mean that Meek Mill doesn’t have the ability to be relevant for next several years.
    Meek Mill’s rap career just started, so I won’t judge his career until I hear more music from Meek Mill. There is more to hip hop than underground hip hop music. Mainstream hip hop also plays a role in the whole entire hip hop community. Nas still the best though.



    J.Cole, Wiz Khalifa, Wale, Drake(sometimes) & Meek Mill are true lyricist and good for the future of rap and Hip-Hop but for every body don’t mistake it rap change and the lyrics is no more about gansta shit, gun and things like the 90′s on the era of Nas pac & Big.



    Meek Million is The Truth….


  7. Mungi

    Meek Mill is superb i love him too.


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