B.o.B Goes Gangster in ‘Strange Clouds’ Commercial

Robert De Niro can’t wait for Strange Clouds to drop. In a scene straight out of the mob classic GoodFellas, a frustrated De Niro destroys a phone booth when he finds out that B.o.B’s sophomore album doesn’t come out until May 1, while Ray Liotta tries to console him. Share his pain in the hilarious promo clip.

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  1. Redchainsaw

    I REALLY like B.O.B but this promo is very corny & I hate hi salbum cover….he can do so much better!!!!!


  2. Moi Moi

    What in God’s name did I just waste a minute of my life watching? smh lol


  3. TheDreamer

    Haha…corny but kinda funny.


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