Jennifer Lopez and Boyfriend Sizzle On Screen in ‘Dance Again’ Video

Casper Smart and Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez’ off-screen romance makes its way on screen in the seductive video for “Dance Again” featuring Pitbull. The singer, 42, gets intimate with her dancer boyfriend Casper Smart, 24, in the first official images from the shoot. The couple flaunts their fit physiques while covering each other’s eyes with a blindfold that reads “Love is blind.” Watch them sex up the screen when the video premieres Thursday on “American Idol.”

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart

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  1. Robert Clark

    Lol they look the same. J lo still hot tho. U knw I be watchin u on AI :D


  2. LOL

    Her body>>>


  3. Songstress

    Yesss J.Lo that body !!!!


  4. cesar

    Jlo and him look the same age.. and they love each other …. but omg jlos is go hot.. hotter then any one out there ..


  5. cesar

    she is the most beutiful women in the universe.. and sexy like no other one.. latinas are on top when it comes to being sexy.


    From Tokyo Reply:

    @cesar, Let’s not bring ethnicity into this. I understand having an opinion, though.


  6. Mentamir

    Now I don’t need Jennifer to snug the young men away from us young women, we’ll never get them back, she’s too gorgeous! All jokes aside, though, happy to see her back doing her thing.


  7. Beyonce is desperate

    Omg he looks so good! Yes J has the best bod out there even without the derrière.


  8. KeepItReal

    she should look young considering all the plastic surgery she got *side eye*


  9. Curt

    So what, is the boy-toy the new accessory this year? J-Lo, Toni Braxton… who’s gonna be the next sugar mama on the list, Janet or Mary? (Mariah’s been on it for years)


  10. Stre3t Danc@

    She broke up with every boyfriend she had in her videos, tho.


    Jellybean485 Reply:

    @Stre3t Danc@, WORD! LOL


  11. aoh

    men i envy this dude…just thinking how it will feel to be tapping that all day lol


  12. Redchainsaw

    They’re both hot!! But I wonder why all her relationships fail?


  13. TheDreamer

    Hahaha…this relationship probably won’t last any more than 2 years. She looks hot though.


  14. From Tokyo

    I believe she cannot be with a man who is the head. She has to remain in control and if she’s not then he goes.


  15. Judith

    He is as fit as you like, he could butter my toast.


  16. Amanda



  17. Hamid Reza Darbandi

    Double Very Very Nice Princess Jennifer (Queen Stage)Double Big Like


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