MGK and Skylar Grey Perform ‘Invincible’ at WrestleMania

Skylar Grey and MGK

Machine Gun Kelly provided the soundtrack for John Cena’s entrance at WrestleMania XXVIII at Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida, on Sunday. Following an introduction from his Bad Boy boss Diddy, the Cleveland rapper raged on stage with his WWE theme song “Invincible,” accompanied by a newly blonde Skylar Grey, who filled in for Ester Dean.

“That was seriously surreal…my mentor introduced me and we’re fighting for the underdog,” tweeted MGK after performing in front of millions.

Flo Rida also delivered his hits “Good Feeling” and “Wild Ones” as WrestleMania champ The Rock entered the ring.

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  1. DA FAN

    Real artists, fake show


    _iamjones Reply:

    @DA FAN, both are fake ass artists


  2. DA FAN 2.0

    put T-pain in there, and it gonna be, fake artist, fake show


    KNEEGROW Reply:

    @DA FAN 2.0, T-pain is more of an artist than MGK. He can read music, play the piano, produce his songs, understand tempo counts, and melodies…. not saying t-pain is great but hes better than MGK who only knows how to spit out pure garbage for hicks to vibe with.


  3. Iceman

    WHY WASN’T ESTER DEAN THERE?! She is TEN times the singer/songwriter this “Skylar Grey” is (Dear Holly Brook, please call back)

    Vince McMahon doesn’t care about black people…


    CoolBreeze Reply:

    @Iceman, she had another obligation. Read her Twitter.


    Iceman Reply:

    @CoolBreeze, PRIORITIZE people! This is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME match…I doubt we’ll ever see Rock vs. Cena again.

    If you’re invited there, CANCEL EVERYTHING ELSE and go!


    kharma Reply:

    @Iceman, for anyone whoa actually watch the show..MGK GOT BOOED HARD INFRONT OF 80 THOUSAND PEOPLE.! HILARIOUS!


    _iamjones Reply:

    @kharma, that was funny as hell


    Cranberry Reply:

    @Iceman, …what? Ester Dean’s writing is generic as HELL. Stop it 5.


  4. yo

    One corny white guy introducing another corny white guy.


    Eargazzm Reply:

    @Iceman, ROFL of the Day, your comment is here. Ester Dean is a good writer but her own music is generic as hell whereas Skylar stays true to herself.
    How else would she have written & composed Love The Way You Lie, Coming Home, Words I Never Said.

    @Yo – racists much! and im neither white nor black.


  5. TheDreamer

    Both performances were pretty bad.


  6. Hugh

    Cool to see Skylar. YOu know she been working hard on the album

    Wild Ones is the best song ever


  7. kt

    cant express my feeling, what a voice Skylar got, i just love her voice


  8. Dylan Potter

    Flo’Rida was absolutely awful at Wrestlemania… MGK was awesome, and Skylar Grey was amazing!


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