New Music: Lil Twist – ‘Stay Schemin’ (Freestyle)’

Lil Twist

Lil Twist has it locked with the ladies, and now he caters to the streets with his freestyle over Rick Ross’ “Stay Schemin’” off his upcoming mixtape Defeat Ain’t an Option.

“I ride for my ni**as, dawg, and get high with my ni**as/ Ain’t anybody try to fuck one of my ni**as, I drive by with my ni**as,” raps Young Money’s 19-year-old star, whose debut album Don’t Get It Twisted is due later this spring.

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    Thank Me Later… STAY HOME!!!


  2. Jay

    You ain’t about that life TWIST.


    Moochi Reply:

    @Jay, iAgree with you. Like seriously kid ; don’t try and sound hard with Fuck’n AUTO TUNE. Not happen’n !!


  3. Akeem(youngTWIST)

    young money we winnin!!!!!!!


  4. KeepItReal

    twist, girl….. you album is NEVER gonna come out & if it does it will FLOP. Diggy had more of a buzz than twist and Diggy’s album went Double Foil.. thus, Twist album will flop


    Marissa Reply:

    @KeepItReal, soo what im trynaa figuree out is, who youre talking ABOUT, second who are you talking TOO and who TF are u calling a female? dont get us twistedd cos lil twist will make it as lil wayne drizzy and tyga did . thanks goodbye conversation over


  5. This Aint It

    Lil Twist i got 5 words for you, “You Aint Bout That Life.”



    lmfao, twist yeeeeeeeeeennnn bout that life!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hate YMCMB THEY’RE ALL GARBAGE


  7. as if .....

    twist….. this was not the track to cover… this ain’t your life….


  8. kacci

    Ya”ll shud stop hating… Show brother some ♡…..


  9. Tawanda

    When they start hating that’s when you know you doingreat!!!! Big ups to TwiZzy!! You went in on this one!!!! LOVE YOU #TeamTwist till the end!!!! Yung Money Thuggin’


  10. $tayTrippy

    its not bad… well its actually good coming from twist


  11. TheDreamer

    Too autotuney.


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