Video: Kid Ink – ‘Time of Your Life’

Kid Ink

Kid Ink provides the soundtrack for spring breakers everywhere with the video for “Time of Your Life,” the first single off his debut album Up & Away. The L.A. rapper takes a backseat, letting the female lead take the reigns as the star. She spends her carefree day skateboarding, smoking, partying, and even running from the cops. Watch her live young, wild, and free.

[Power 106]

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  1. Robert Clark

    Gwaan kid ink!! :)


  2. KMart

    hes gunna blow up. im actually surprisd to see him mentioned on this site. kudos


  3. Will Thornton

    It’s about time Kid Ink was on He’s so awesome..can’t wait for up up & away!!! Alumni


  4. as if .....

    bout time rap-up started covering kid ink…get his catchy ass music up on this site more often….only makes sense when it seems they still cover everything movement justin bieber makes…rather see more kid ink and less bieber….


  5. TheDreamer

    I like this. Very catchy and quite a good visual.


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