Whitney Houston Stars in ‘Sparkle’ Trailer

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston lives on in Sparkle, her final on-screen performance. The late legend plays Jordin Sparks’ mother in the remake of the 1976 Motown-era film, which co-stars Cee Lo Green and Derek Luke. The musical, which opens in theaters on August 18, also features new music from Houston and Sparks. Watch the official trailer below.

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  1. aj

    rip whitney


  2. :(

    I’m trying not to cry


  3. bcs10

    it’s gonna make you lol, but at the same time its gonna make you cry


  4. Tonya

    I was on the fence with the remake since I love the original, but this trailer makes me want to see this definitely! Love Whitney!!


  5. Redchainsaw

    I saw the trailer earlier,this movie looks really good!!
    & of course it will do well in the box office due to Whitney’s passing


  6. Songstress

    This movie does look good…don’t appreciate how they blew up everyone else’s name beside Jordin Sparks until they got to the music though lol…But this is gonna make a lot of Whitney fans very sad! Rest in paradise Miss Whitney ! Your work will live on !


  7. James

    ugh it kills me to look at anything whitney houston affiliated…its so tragic…smh


  8. Blaze

    O dear whitney its gonna be a great movie laugh an cry but she’s at rest.


  9. JustAPerson

    Whitney looked Amazing and sharp as a whip, her comedic timing is on point I miss her dearly. Your in the arms of the Lord now you have found love and peace everlasting.


  10. nippyfan

    Whitney looks gorgeous and the camera really loves her. Still so sad that she is gone. I really miss her. Can’t wait to see this


  11. Truth Seeker

    Should not have touched the original, but I will support anyway…doing this for Whitney!!!


  12. TheDreamer

    This looks like a great movie. Wish she was still here so Whitney knew people cared about her and wished her success. RIP Whitney. All the actors and actresses look great by the way.


  13. Hugh

    Movie looks good


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