50 Cent Plays Truth or Dare with Rachael Ray

50 Cent and Rachael Ray

50 Cent returned to Rachael Ray’s daytime talk show to play a game of Truth or Dare renamed “50/50” in his honor. He was asked his most embarrassing moment and what he would do if he was the opposite sex for a day (“I would be sexually delinquent”). In addition, he had to perform silly dares including sticking a spoon on his nose and doing 10 push-ups.

During the sit-down interview, the rap mogul admitted to still owning a Walkman, timing the release of his new album (July 2) with his birthday (July 6), G-Unit’s latest roster (Kidd Kidd, Precious Paris, and Shawty Lo), and the last thing he downloaded, which happened to be his own album Get Rich or Die Tryin’. “I had to download it ’cause I had to listen to the music again before the [SXSW] performance,” he confessed.


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  1. top dog

    this’s my man 50


    DOPE MEDS Reply:

    @top dog, he fell on like a bad bag of dope..dawg


  2. as if .....

    you wanna hit? lol….


  3. aoh

    that is the dude one of the best in business lol


  4. Mettler

    know one knows fiddy like i do, i used to party wid him in New Orleans#noone knows me anymore


  5. TheDreamer

    That truth or dare was funny. I wanted to see 50 do the helium balloon.


  6. OriteNaCallMeDaJoka

    Wtf …. instead of playing that game .. he should be working on his next album .. o_0


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