Rihanna Is Bold and Beautiful at ‘Battleship’ Premiere in Japan


Rihanna was shimmering in a blue and gold Emilio Pucci pajama-style pantsuit at the world premiere of Battleship at Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Japan on Tuesday. The “We Found Love” singer, who recently colored her hair black, braved the media frenzy with her castmates including Brooklyn Decker, Taylor Kitsch, Alexander Skarsgard, and Tadanobu Asano. The $200 million action juggernaut opens April 13 in Japan and May 18 in the U.S.

While doing press for the film, the singer-turned-actress was asked about rumors of playing Whitney Houston in a biopic. “I didn’t get that call yet,” said RiRi. “That would be something that I would have to give my entire life to do because I would want to really pull it off. That’s a huge, huge role and whoever does it has to do a good job.”

See more pics from the glitzy premiere below.

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  1. Bia



  2. Yeah



  3. aaliyah

    She should keep this hair color.. for a while at least :-\


  4. moii:)

    buetifull.but ey she luks like cassie here


  5. nicole

    she stole it from cass…and she didn’T found a better dress HAHA this looks like if she was going to sleep. bad choice riri!


  6. Whatever

    Is that Aaliyah? Cassie? oh it’s Rihanna.





  8. Chet

    She’s fuckin hot but Cassie pulls off that Aaliyah swagg better.


  9. Kam

    Cassie is that you?


  10. Zack

    What is a Cassie?


    freedom Reply:

    @Zack, she is a song whisperer they’re trying to compare to RIRI.


    Rap*LovesJesus Reply:


    Lmao………….slayer comment for real

    Yall both dope.


    Queen Bey is looking like easy breezy beautiful bad bitches Reply:

    @Zack, A Diddy Concubine.


  11. Replay

    Aaliyah & Cassie fake………..


  12. jencklipz!

    LMFAO!!! why does this dress look like PJs in my eyes??


    From Tokyo Reply:

    @jencklipz!, I think it’s supposed to be “Asian-inspired”. *massive side-eye given her other, culturally mixed up “Asian” fashions* They do look like PJs. The hair color looks great on her, though.

    On a side note, it now makes sense why they’re debuting it in Japan first. I won’t see it, though. I’m a cinephile but it looks awful. At least she got to meet the Vampire Sheriff of Louisiana.


  13. WonderLand19

    I hope she knows she’s wearing PJ’s. Her looks sick tho


  14. Rihanna Wears PJ's To Japan Battleship Premiere | Carlton Jordan

    [...] Source: Rap-Up [...]

  15. But..

    Just so u guys know Rihanna shaved the side of her head first back when she had the short black cut, look it up


  16. Beyonce is desperate

    Oh yes Rhi Rhi, you could never fulfil Whitneys role. You would need to start with singing lessons, etiquette and class. The only thing you can imitate is the drug use. (drops mic and
    Walks away)

    Being subjective is so easy.


    Jay Scorpio Reply:

    @Beyonce is desperate, LMBAO honey whitney may have been ah great singer but Rihanna has way more class that that cocaine sniffing junky iight get it together quick boo…thnkx


  17. Jason

    i like her hair this way.. I really liked it better when she had like short black hair..like in the “take a bow” video..it was more her


  18. ritadelray

    its just a longer version of her hair back in the rated R era


  19. ritadelray

    the clothis looks like Karate Uniforms


  20. Mia

    she is a slut, she dont have own style, she copy everbody ! :D she is famous because her #rihannanavy lick her ass always!


    Crystal Reply:

    @Mia, u sound dumb ass fuck ibet ur fav copy sum one 2 u dumb bitch fyi who the fuck did she copy sh3 has the same hair style she back in 09 its just longer … look up info first before u comment on someone u obv dont like ! Y even comment on her post if ur gonna be negative ..


  21. Kris

    I am sorry, I don’t want to sound ignorant, but who is Cassie? = /
    Rihanna looks amazingly young & beautiful. flawless<3
    my future wiffey!! oh, yes!!!


  22. Audrey Hepburn

    This woman looks amazing… as usual. :)


  23. Kyle

    I think she looks amazing with long black hair. I hope she rocks with this style for awhile.


  24. HeyMyBaby

    BEAUTIFULLLLLLLLL BEAUTIFULLLLLLL, FLAWLESS BEAUTY, RIHANNA HAS TIMELESS BEAUTY. I LOVE HER SOO MUCH!!!! RIHANNA HAS ALWAYS BEEN A TRENDSETTER AND EVERYONE AND THEIR MOTHER KNOWS THAT. @MIA sounds like dick, and as much as she talking shit, she knows some how she tried to copy something fromm rihanna. Everyone has. Rihanna was all celeb to make a whole generation cute their hair off into a bob and beyond. THATS POWER. MIA AND HER MOTHER WAS AND STILL IS A SLUT


  25. TheDreamer

    WOW…the dark hair color really suits her.


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