Rita Ora Performs ‘R.I.P.’ at Drake’s ‘Club Paradise’ Tour

Drake and Rita Ora

Rita Ora got warmed up for her upcoming spot on Coldplay’s European tour by opening for Drake in Manchester. The red-hot Roc Nation singer blazed the stage at the sold-out M.E.N. Arena with a brief set that included her Drake-penned single “R.I.P.”

As a token of her appreciation, Rita gave Drake her grandfather’s ring, which he wears all the time. “One of the greatest gifts I ever received in my whole life—I wear it every day—is this ring right here,” said Drizzy. “They tried to talk about this ring the other day and say I got married to somebody, which I didn’t. Rita actually gave me this ring. We’re dear friends.”

Watch Rita perform live below.

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  1. caz

    i was there she was amazing!!! shes soo good live…drizzy killed it!!! :)


  2. boyyyaaboi

    saw her in glasgow last night she was sick!! and extremely hot.


  3. cdd

    he smashin


  4. 2bad2bme

    she is SOO OVERRATED im not hating on her i think she is pretty but she just doesn’t have that star potential to me


    Saskia Reply:

    @2bad2bme, THANK YOU!!!


    Morgan Reply:

    @2bad2bme, You’re one of about 10 who feel that way. Looks aside, the girl can sing LIVE–she has a soulvoice voice–no gimmicks.


    2bad2bme Reply:

    @Morgan, gurl i know a million gurls that can sing too but her songs are not hitting on nothing..they are dry…


    chris shorts Reply:

    @2bad2bme, u do realize that her first sing is already topping the charts u probaly know the song to and just dont know it


    rapup! Reply:

    @2bad2bme, YOU SAID IT !


  5. Libo

    OMFG!! Drake looks too hot in that pic!! Look at his arm!! Must be some good stuff under that shirt…. *¬*


  6. OOL Uh Uh

    Someone is coming for Rih Rih’s spot.


    Triniti Reply:

    @OOL Uh Uh, No…Rita Ora has her own platform. And she has no qualms about live performances.


  7. Warren

    this single isnt bad….

    but I hope her next one is an uptempo, or goes harder that this. something more comercial, but not like Party & bullshit, too pop for my taste too


  8. TheDreamer

    She looks and sounds great. She’s funny too.


  9. GUrl

    i only came for drake’s arms. bye!


  10. C1

    She can sing live Rihanna can’t ! I’m sold on that alone !!! Cause everybody knows she’s bader then Rihanna !


    JustSayin Reply:

    @C1, You really shouldn’t brought this up because it just makes you looks stupid. This chick clearly swagger jagged Rihanna …


  11. Amberrose

    Is it me does this chick remind you of Rihanna


    TRUTH Reply:

    @Amberrose, Trust me it’s not just you. Her style is staight cloned from RiRi.



    I’m not hating on her but I think she should improve her live performances. Shes so boring tbh.


  13. Taleisha

    I reckon she sounds good but she needs better songs like Hot Right Now to amp her voice. Pretty as hell though!


  14. lexi

    she is too much like rihanna her style, plus this is a rihanna knock off song because drake wrote it for rihanna, but she didn’t use it, but girl is talented. she just needs to find her own sound and style and not rihanna’s


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