New Music: Keri Hilson – ‘Freedom Ride’

Keri Hilson

Keri Hilson has been laying low while she records her third album, but she pops up on the soundtrack to Think Like a Man (April 10). Miss Keri Baby and her man take a “Freedom Ride” to explore other romantic opportunities, but only one buys a return ticket.

“We went on a freedom ride/ To see what’s on the other side/ We promised we would reunite, if somebody changed your mind/ Now you’re in love,” sings a heartbroken Keri.

Board her train of tears.

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  1. TeeJ

    I love this song


  2. Niccy

    Keri Hilson is better than Rihanna !! But Beyonces and Carey are the Queens!


  3. iHeartKeri

    I love it! The concept of the song is great, vocally she’s matured a whole lot. I’m happy this song is on the soundtrack and I can’t wait to see her cameo in the movie!


  4. Beyoncés Aftergirl Throne

    Summer Track 2012!


  5. Ihate Rihanna

    Wow Keri this is a nice track but i miss tracks like, Lose Control , I Like or Knock You Down.


    Roman Reloaded:) Reply:

    @Ihate Rihanna,

    you Right! Keri Hilson is the best and Rihanna is an fake Pop-artist not a real heart-singer!


  6. yooooooooo

    AMAZING TRACK!!!!! wooww the lyrics are great, of course keri was a co-writer. her VOICE is great and has gotten even better; thanks keri for the track!!
    and I love the soulful bridge with the “ooohs” and claps in the background


  7. lol

    shes sounds way better than kelly rihanna beyonce and ciara


    nadia Reply:

    @lol, she sounds better than rihanna and ciara most definitely but she’s no where near beyonce haha sorry


    RealIssh Reply:

    @lol, Lmao – Keri wouldn’t even lie on herself like that . Get your life ! (Tamar Braxton voice)


    maya Reply:

    @lol, beyonce? You need to sit.


  8. Kij

    so tired of people always talking about whose better than who. you people just cant appreciate an artist without throwing shade at another one. for once i just want to listen to a song and enjoy it without some insecure ass female spilling out her insecurities to me.

    [Reply] Reply:


    I love you!


    Speechless Reply:

    @Kij, You’re flawless!!!


  9. nicole

    sounds lika fukking christmas song! men BRING ME SUM SUMMER HEAT!!


  10. IhateRihanna-somuchlove!!

    For those who claim she sound better than Rihanna and whomever. I hope you buy and req the song. Lmao!!! with all her fans buying maybe she will outsell Rihanna Bey and all the others. lmao!


  11. RyanS

    loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee it <3


  12. Hugh

    Very nice


  13. uhuh



  14. Redchainsaw

    Merry Christmas Keri Hilson


  15. pierre

    It kinda makes me think of beyonce’s 1+1.


  16. andres0811

    ughh she so damn boring!!!!


  17. The World

    Finally! This will get me over til she debuts more stuff lol


  18. Songstress

    Yess love this Keri ! I love her voice ! & if you people are looking for original…Keri is IT…she been writing music for a lot of the ppl ya’ll compare her to so and then some do your research and can’t wait for Keri’s new album !


  19. mumi

    I love beyonce, I love Keri, I love why you ahte on them?


  20. Nice

    I like this. Had to get used to it. but its nice. Why are people on here being idiots though? Negative comparisons aren’t necessary. lol


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  22. lala

    It’s not a hit but I like it. She should keep ‘em coming.

    #Love Her


  23. Static

    Keri is far from original. I don’t like this song.


  24. :)

    MISS KERI BABYY!!! i love it!!! start to finish amazing!! :)


  25. Walli$_986

    Keri …you’re just so useless
    no insipration, so arrogant and my grandma sings better than u !


    Me Reply:

    @Walli$_986, haah i like this comment


  26. yooooooooo

    I dont understand why non-keri fans feel the need to comment negatively :) but oh well


  27. Lira

    Wow amazyn me encanta , like this song Miss Keri espero tu 3er Album con ansias :3 ^^ i love you


  28. Wendy

    1 0Ok so basically, you’re saynig that the men should be PROUD to be going out with a girl that makes more money than them. Okay, good. And you’re also saynig that ppl IN the relationship shouldn’t care about what ppl OUTSIDE of the relationship are saynig. True. However however HOWEVER! There is something I had noticed in the past and in the present, looking some relationships around me. Some guys have such a big EGO that they cannot take the fact that the girl makes more money than them. Of course, they will let the lady pay when she can, will try to pay when they can, but will never feel on the same LEVEL as them: they might feel lower. And in order for them to equalize that “level”, they’ll do or say things to try to bring the lady down. I am a witness!!! Trying to pick at her personality, not supporting her in her ambitions etc .all because of an ego problem! All because THEY don’t have their ish together . I mean it’s great that you’re happy with a woman that’s making more money than you and that you recognize that there is nothing wrong with that. But you said it yourself: “Now, some women won t date a guy who makes less money than them, not because they are gold diggers, but because they just don t want any drama” and I wanted to understand and get a better idea of: WHY THAT DRAMA??


  29. mz. spicy

    I luuuv it keri did that love her n cnt wait for the album. She is always different n unique with her music #teamkeri


  30. sums

    keri hilson i love you so much!!!!i kno its crazy but that the truth


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