Monica Performs Old and New Material for AOL Sessions


Monica raised the roof with her powerful pipes during a performance for The BoomBox as part of AOL Sessions. The 31-year-old singer ran through new material off her seventh album New Life including a solo version of her Brandy duet “It All Belongs to Me,” the Missy Elliott-produced “Anything (To Find You),” and Rico Love-helmed “Man Who Has Everything.” She also took it back with her R&B classics “Angel of Mine” and “So Gone.”

“This album New Life is really a continuation of my 2008 LP Still Standing,” explained Monica. “I don’t live in yesterday anymore, so New Life is just my way of saying to every person that listens, embrace all that can come into your life.”

Monica is plotting a joint tour with Brandy this summer. “We’ve sat down and talked about the way that it would go and us co-headlining and being able to take walks through the past and go through both of our first albums,” she said. “Something very special so that the audience can feel like they’re having a full experience of both of us as individual artists, but also us in this newfound group we’ve become after reuniting after 14 years.”

The church-raised singer plans to return to her gospel roots in the future. “I realized that I’m kinda transitioning. It hasn’t happened quite yet because I still have a lot of self-work I should do before I cross over into that genre. But I definitely would do that. That will definitely be how my story probably ends.”

“It All Belongs to Me”

“Anything (To Find You)”

“Man Who Has Everything”

“Angel of Mine” / “So Gone”


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  1. Dave

    She slayed! She murked “Man Who Has Everything” & I absolutely love the new version of “It All Belongs to Me”



    NEW LIFE : APRIL 10TH!!!!


  3. Oh Please

    I already heard the album…that shit was mad boring. Come on Monica…this one dimensional thing is getting old.


    THE MALEZ Reply:

    @Oh Please, So you want her 2 LOSE herself just 2 sale records and do the pop gemmick type shit! PLEASE SIT DOWN.


    white hos love BBC Reply:

    @Oh Please, i bet u like rihanna


    ladyrt23 Reply:

    @Oh Please, tell em how u really feel!!! lmao. listening to those snippets said enuff 4 me to believe ya. can’t deny her band was on point during these sessions tho. not really understanding the yodelin she’s doin these days but overall, she had a decent performance.


    yoooo Reply:

    @Oh Please, COMPLETELY AGREE! She does the same thing every single time! That’s no disrespect to her vocals because shes a great vocalist, but I definitely feel a disconnect. I don’t know if it’s because she doesn’t write her own songs or what, but I don’t see any major progression in her artistry. She covered Jazmine Sullivan’s “Cry”, and she did a great job, but didn’t compare to the emotion that Jazzy laid down. Although her music doesn’t do it for me I respect how she carries herself as a strong and intelligent woman. Girls take notes because every man needs a girl like Mo in their life.


  4. shwaggg

    Man Who Has Everything is my jam! GO MONICA AND GO BRANDY!!! REAL MUSIC IS COMING BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. missdiva

    Yesss she has a powerful great voice…i luv her so much confidence and ease on stage…Monica needs to do a live album…she has what it takes the voice beauty and personality!!!!!


  6. Iceman

    Kudos to you Monica…keep takin’ a stand for real straight-up R&B!

    The whole gospel thing later on is actually not a bad idea…maybe an R&B industry without you is what R&B needs to drop the electro crap and come back to its senses!


    Iceman Reply:

    @Iceman, When I say that, I mean it’ll make R&B think “Damn…we lost a good one! Time to cut the crap and take it back to our roots”



    Wonder whats her next single?


  8. BC

    WOW! Monica is killin it! Really happy for her.


  9. Warren

    Cant watch the videos.

    Anyway, waiting for Brandy’s new single.


    THE MALEZ Reply:

    @Warren, Yall BRANDY STANS are soo pressed. Y even cum on here and bring her up! Yall so excited that she FINALLY getting it right. Monica been making hits. SIT THE FUCK DOWN!


    BOOKED Reply:

    @THE MALEZ, LOL School Them


    shwaggg Reply:

    @BOOKED, Dont try it!


  10. Mike

    Monica, “Still Standing” came out in 2010..

    LOVED all these performances, esp the “Angel of Mine”/”So Gone” medley.


    Dave Reply:

    @Mike, She probably meant when she started recording, because she mentioned that in this video





  12. rickie

    Best song on the album is ‘Without You’ hands down


    THE MALEZ Reply:

    @rickie, I TOTALLY AGREE


  13. Austyn

    Y didn’t she perform any of her songs off of the “Miss Thang” album like “Don’t Take it Personal?” and I would luv for Monica & Brandy to do a mixtape 2getha….Classic shit


  14. TRP

    Love the broken down solo version of “It All Belongs To Me”, I’d like to see her do that version with Brandy too. I’ve listened to New Life, and I have to say that “Still Standing” was probably a better album, however New Life definitely does not disappoint.


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  18. luv ain't no hello



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