Nelly Furtado Returns with New Album ‘The Spirit Indestructible’ This June

Nelly Furtado

Nelly Furtado stormed the charts in 2006 with her multi-platinum album Loose, but she’s been relatively quiet since then. Now the Canadian singer is ready to conquer pop music once again with her long-awaited fourth English album.

T.S.I. (The Spirit Indestructible), Nelly’s first album since 2009’s Spanish-language Mi Plan, will arrive just in time for summer on June 19.

Nelly announced the news on Twitter. “The Spirit Indestructible JUNE 19, 2012,” she wrote.

The first single, “Big Hoops (Bigger the Better),” was produced by Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins and will be released to iTunes on April 17. A video is being shot this week in Los Angeles.

In addition to Jerkins, Nelly has been in the studio with producers including Salaam Remi and Pharrell.

“It has a real classic sound to it, a sound that’s really authentic, super soulful,” said Nelly of her new music.

Nelly Furtado Tweet

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  1. Brandon

    Honesstly tho, i was wondering what happened to her & right now i CANNOT wait for this to come out. She’s an amazing singer & she always takes over the charts with everything she does. Plus Darkchild made this album so it’s gunna be poppin’ !


    LFR Reply:

    @Brandon, I´ve been thinkin the same thing over the last couple of days.. awesome that she´s coming back


  2. Hugh

    Woo hoo

    Exited for a new type of pop, just like in 06-07


  3. Kyle

    It’s been awhile since she dominated the pop scene with “Loose.” A lot has come and gone since then but I’m excited to hear what she has been cooking up. I’ve always loved her voice and I think if she took this much time in between albums, she must have really planned the sound out right. I’ll be anxious to hear it!


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    [...] definitely can't wait for this. says the single will be released to iTunes on April 17: || Nelly Furtado Returns with New Album ‘The Spirit Indestructible’ This June not sure where they got their info from, but hope it's true! i read their blog a lot and they're [...]

  5. sunny

    I can’t wait! one of my favorite artists for sure. She’s amazing live too.



    why she no work with Timbaland?


    lavandia Reply:

    She also worked with Timbaland on this album, I just don’t think he was the main producer this time lol


  7. Nelly Kim Furtado

    Lavandia There isn’t Timbaland in this album,there are producer of Whitney Houston,Michael Jackson,Lady Gaga(Rody)and the producer of Amy Winehouse so who is Timbaland


    ayee Reply:

    @Nelly Kim Furtado, u stfu


    G86 Reply:

    @Nelly Kim Furtado, just go listen to loose and remember chemistry is everything…


  8. rogerdoinmyting

    I liked the name “Lifestyle” better but as long as the music’s hot it could be called “khsdkaskjdahdw” for all i care.


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