Nelly Furtado Stands Tall on Set of ‘Big Hoops’ Video

Nelly Furtado

Nelly Furtado is making a BIG comeback! The Grammy-winning songstress teetered on stilts while shooting the super-sized video for “Big Hoops (Bigger the Better)” in downtown Los Angeles on Thursday (April 5). The song, produced by Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, is the lead single off her first English album in six years, The Spirit Indestructible, due June 19.

“The higher the better!” tweeted Nelly as she wobbled her way down the sidewalk while onlookers gazed up.

World champion hoop dancer Tony Duncan collaborated with her on what’s sure to be a visual spectacle.

Check out more pics from the giant shoot and peep the official cover for “Big Hoops” below.

Big Hoops (Bigger the Better)

Photo credit: Phamous/Splash News

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  1. TheLOVE?r

    UGLY!!! PATHETIC!!! LOOK @ her damn face… I mean… Seriously??? Wat a clown!


    YMCMB Reply:

    @TheLOVE?r, Opinions are like a$$h0les, everyone got one…


    Manas Reply:

    @TheLOVE?r, Shut up, fool!! Nelly’s back, yay!!!


    chris shorts Reply:

    @TheLOVE?r, did you really just try to insult nelly furtado u clearly dont follow music history or listen to much good music smh fckin pathetic


    luv ain't no hello Reply:

    @TheLOVE?r,u are a clow loser low life hater


  2. M.G

    Who can hate nelly beside if you hate her music. She seems so nice, like genuinely nice. I LOVE her. She is so versatile in her music. I still love Wait for You from her Loose album. Get it Nelly!!!


  3. Unk

    good luck to her hope she works with timbo or danja or even both again and capture that magic like in loose


  4. Hugh

    Nelly back and she looks beautiful


  5. TimboDanja

    will agree with someone who`s still waiting for collab between Furtado, Mosley and Hills.
    I mean Timbaland & Danja.


  6. Brandon

    i’m looking forward to this because like she said it every single one of her album is completely different from the other one, She said that she putted the best of every single one of her albums in this album. Also Darkchild made this so it’ll most likely to be poppin’. So don’t hate till it comes out k.


  7. Brandon

    People hating on the title saying its weird & shit needs to stfu, i remember when this happened last year when rolling in the deep came out everyone kept hating & saying the title is weird but it turned out to be the best song from 2011 & i’m actually looking forward for her new album :D.
    So don’t judge a book by its cover k :)


  8. luv ain't no hello

    Nice Can’t wait for her to relase a new song and album Go Nelly F


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  10. Phillip Jecty

    I dont think i could ever do that.


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