New Music: Fabolous – ‘Birthday Cake (Remix)’

Rihanna and Fabolous

Fabolous adds some icing to Rihanna’s “Birthday Cake (Remix)” featuring Chris Brown. “My rude girl say I make that rum cake fatter/ I put this coconut Ciroc up in her cake batter,” raps Loso on his tasty verse. Take a bite of this cake, cake, cake.

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  1. SJS



  2. Yeah



  3. Ashley B.

    too late and lame. The autotune was not needed


  4. @MrKalebBlake

    I don’t see it.


  5. Jay Scorpio

    evrybody jus wanna piece of dat cake cake cake cake cake cake cake lolol #RIHANNA2012


  6. lavon



  7. victor .. RaUll

    amanzing Fab …….


  8. hot sauce

    he didn’t add much to da song.


  9. vaso_rihanna

    Its very nice :) i like it!


  10. Stre3t Danc@

    Okay RiRi hun.. enough remixes.


    cakes Reply:

    @Stre3t Danc@, its not even her doing them. anybody can just rap/remix the beat on their own.


  11. luv ain't no hello

    now he is the latest to do his verison of this Remix Nice verison of Fab


  12. @YORNELL

    Lovely! This should have been the remix before Chris..don’t care about them reconciling.


  13. #L3v!... >_

    :P cutee


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