Tyler, the Creator Gets ‘Punk’d’ [Video]

Bam Margera, Tyler, the Creator, and Wee-Man

Tyler, the Creator is usually the one pulling the pranks, but the joke was on him on last night’s “Punk’d.” “Jackass” stars Bam Margera and Wee-Man fooled the Odd Future leader into thinking he was going to a charity event for the Tony Hawk Foundation. When he got there, they had him turn on the grill in a food truck to heat up a tortilla. After he was finished, the truck burst into a ball of flames and one guy caught on fire.

A shocked Tyler snapped photos on his phone and jumped in the back of a flatbed truck, while the founder of the charity blamed him for leaving the gas on and causing the destruction.

Watch the explosive results starting at the 2:05 mark.

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  1. Mentamir

    “Fuck Zac Efron, this nigga dead.” Haha, good ol’ Tyler. That jump in the truck was some professional stuntman shit, though. I couldn’t do it, if my life depended on it.


  2. ayee

    damn.. what a fking dumbass this dude is.. instead of helping the burning man he takes pics with his phone…


  3. gizmo23

    See they learned when to stop after the Kanye and T.I episodes


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