Iggy Azalea Conspires with T.I. in ‘Murda Bizness’ In-Studio Video

Iggy Azalea and T.I.

Click clack, bang bang. Iggy Azalea shoots up the studio with T.I. in the viral video for the Bei Maejor-produced “Murda Bizness,” the first single off her upcoming debut The New Classic. The Australian rap chick throws on a bandana and rolls with her Hustle Gang boss and fellow member Chip in the black-and-white footage. Watch them go in for the kill.

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  1. MINGLatiefah

    This shit fire.


    Spartenia Reply:

    I concur. The beat is blazing…


  2. @iJustoriginate

    … Snippet was better.


  3. White girl Kim

    But why does she uses that faux “black” urban accent?
    She does not sound like that when she speaks!


    KayKay Reply:

    @White girl Kim, Right. She probably thinks more people will listen to her as a rapper if she sounds like that and accurately so.


  4. Cali Kid

    So this is going to be the actual video??????



    she is so dope i really like her. SWAGG CRAY


  6. Tyler

    No this is not the actual video.

    @white girl Kim please get a brain. People don’t sing in their accents all the time….

    Rihanna talks in her accent but does not use it for her songs
    Adele talks in her accent but does not use it when singing..
    Neither does Jessie j and a lot of others.


    Twista Reply:

    @Tyler, Yeah but they don’t pretend to be other ethnicities altogether. This Iggy chick – I just dunno. I try not to be a hater, but I’m really not buying her act, it seems fake.


    From Tokyo Reply:

    @Twista, I’ll say it again (and I just saw an example of this on another post): if she rapped with her Australian accent, people would complain about that.


  7. WonderLand19

    Click Clack, BANG BANG!

    Love Iggy. 2012 is gonna be a big for her and Chip is coming too so get ready people.


  8. Cali Kid

    Is this the final video????


    @iJustoriginate Reply:

    @Cali Kid, That’s what I’m wondering..


  9. Yuup

    I can’t -_-


  10. Jersey

    Umm beat is dope..hook ok, her verse was decent, Tip verse eh?, all together …its ok for what its worth..hopefully not a album single tho


    JustMe Reply:

    @Jersey, I agree I don’t think its a good lead single more like a mixtape cut.


  11. look out

    this is what happens when white people watch too much BET.


    imusic Reply:

    @look out, ignorant bulcrap! U shouldnt listen to hip hop than cause its obvious you dont understand that Hip Hop always brings different cultures together – its against racism.
    I´m black too and pls stop that nonsense get out of here with that attitude!


    look out Reply:

    @imusic, haha. fool, dont try to sound intelligent with that fake statement and what the hell does racism have to do with this? and I guess you just assumed I’m black with that, “I’m black too” statement. lol heres a tip: dont assume, dont type random sh*t, and dont give a lecture on hip hop if you support artists like the one above, b/c thats not hip hop and thats laughable lool.


  12. hot sauce

    She go hard. I like that


  13. JustMe

    I like Iggy i just don’t think the hood thing works for her. The song is ok though


    Realistically Reply:

    @JustMe, It really doesn’t.


  14. Iggy Azalea And T.I.’s Studio Session “Murda Bizness” Video: Watch | Music News, Reviews, and Gossip on Idolator.com

    [...] Iggy Azalea has offered up an in-studio video for “Murda Bizness”, her tough-talking, T.I.-featuring debut single for Interscope. Here we get to see the Australian femcee hanging with Tip and Hustle Gang member Chip while they whip up some beats. Of course, with her sports bra, hair band and blond locks, it’s kind of like watching the captain of the girl’s volleyball team spit rhymes at the prom. But that will always make for good entertainment. [Via Rap-Up.com] [...]

  15. TheREALMs.305 Unique

    THIS SHIT IS ON A THOUSAND! This is my jam, the beat goes hard! Her lyrics and delivery can use some work but wth she’s just starting out I’m sure the albums gonna be FIRE doe!


  16. BAWSE

    that beat fire


  17. Sassyandclassy

    Um I think this white girl trying to hard TI just wanna get paid but this is not a good co sign bro she is a poser sorry not feeling her


  18. The4mbassador

    I wish yall would take the time out to not judge someone because of the accent they have when rapping. She studied TuPac for christs sake… its a Cali accent she adapted… shouldnt be an issue.


  19. christ

    WHyyyyyy you people are judging her give one two or three years she’s gonna be succcessful then it’s not video song for that it’s just performance studio that’s all T.I. is Coming back with his new crew the king issssssss hard


  20. mel

    cant fake this song is good i like it


  21. Trey

    I’m feelin’ her. She’s ill.


  22. @tawandajerry

    Cant front this song kinda hot.. And is that chipmunk in the studio?


    Say word Reply:

    @@tawandajerry, Yes. With a Johnny Cupcakes shirt on


  23. Righteous

    God that’s awful!If T.I thinks Iggy and chipmunk are gonna build him an empire when his own shits on the skids…..shows just how far removed he is!!!


  24. Jay

    Damn Iggy is sexy as hell! And I love this song. Can’t get it outta my head. T.I. Rips that verse. Iggy all day man! :)


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