Kanye West Hits the Studio with A$AP Rocky, Fat Joe, Diplo, & Hit-Boy

Kanye West, Hit-Boy, Fat Joe, A$AP Rocky, DJ Khaled, and Diplo

After debuting “Theraflu” and the G.O.O.D. Music single “Mercy” last week, Kanye West got right back to work. Yeezy spent his Easter weekend in the studio with some familiar faces. Busta Rhymes, Jadakiss, and Mos Def stopped by on Saturday, while A$AP Rocky, Fat Joe, Diplo, DJ Khaled, and Hit-Boy sacrificed family time for work on Easter Sunday.

“Missed the Fam this holiday but the sacrifice is worth it. NYC working with my mentor making special music,” tweeted Hit-Boy, who produced “Theraflu.”

Diplo also cooked up some beats for the discerning G.O.O.D. Music maestro. “Kanye def told me he aint fuckin with my circus noises. Doo-pee doop doop sounds no more,” joked the “Look at Me Now” hitmaker.

Check more pics from their star-studded sessions below.

A$AP Rocky, Fat Joe, and Hit-Boy

Fat Joe and Kanye West

DJ Khaled, Kanye, Fat Joe, Jadakiss, Mos Def, and Busta Rhymes

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  1. White Boy

    they all high as shit


    Mau Reply:

    @White Boy, hahhaha look at kanyes face in the last picture, hes on a whole nother level


  2. WWHO

    Dj Khaled is soooo fat and annoying…


  3. Jaerere

    lol people really hate khaled


    youngearli Reply:

    @Jaerere, yeah hahah


  4. Gossip

    Kanye West has a look like a killer


  5. Beat Red

    Is it just me or does Kanye look creepy/evil in these pics? lol


    Rap*LovesJesus Reply:

    @Beat Red,

    he does. its that illuminati flavour


    people have da Right to state their opion Reply:

    @Beat Red, lol


  6. TRA

    I would love to see Kanye West, Mos Def, Jadakiss, and Busta Rhymes on the same track, that would be great in every way.


  7. chris

    @Beat Red
    No it’s not just you, I thought the same thing lol
    Kanye was last seen on 808s and Heartbreak
    He hasn’t been himself since.
    We’ll see with this next album.
    Theraflu is sweet but he sounds…angry behind the vocal energy.


  8. MH

    Diplo and Kanye on the same track sounds epic!


  9. Unk

    Can’t wait to hear what Ye and all of them created


  10. hero

    when is khaled gonna get a treadmill and some lines better than them weak ass ones he screams on every track? and why do all these n#ggas ride diplos d#ck? there are other producers, ya know


  11. people have da Right to state their opion

    Man they all should do A SONG TOGETHER since their in a studio


  12. Jorge

    I knew kanye has some shit up his sleeve lol Is Kanye like the only artist that can work with anybody and it won’t sound bad or corny? Damn Ye really wants to the best period! Hopefully this GOOD album and his next solo album are top notched :)


  13. Abdullah

    Kanye is back <3


  14. Akeem(youngTWIST)

    A$AP rocky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  15. TheDreamer

    Looking forward to any music from Ye. I want him to release something soulful or political…those are usually my fave Kanye tracks.


  16. @tawandajerry

    Fat joe looks like he really wants to be there


  17. Hugh

    Thats a hot team

    I hope Kanye isn’t outsourcing all the production like DRE has been lately


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