Kevin McCall Shoots ‘Naked’ Video with Chris Brown, Big Sean

Big Sean, Chris Brown, and Kevin McCall

Kevin McCall got his big exposure while shooting the Chris Brown-directed video for “Naked,” the first single off his forthcoming debut. The singer-songwriter, who is signed to Chris’ CBE label, went in front of the camera over the weekend in Los Angeles.

Sean was pimped out in a bright yellow suit with fur shawl and cane as ladies surrounded him at a fashion show. Breezy and Kevin also grabbed a front row seat, watching scantily-clad models strut down the runway.

See more pics from the sexy shoot below.

Kevin McCall and Chris Brown

Big Sean

Kevin McCall

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  1. MINGLatiefah



  2. Speechless

    I’d like to get to know more about Kevin WITHOUT christina brown joined at his hip. Every time I see his name it has something to do with chris or someone else.


    Wow Reply:

    @Speechless, Seems like Chris is trying to be seen more than his artist! He’s in the video, directing the video, AND has him signed to his label? Yeah the modern day puffy only less business savvy. Sounds funny though. Chris having artists when he hasn’t had a platinum album in years and is still trying to be an artist hisself. I think KMcCall could’ve been a great asset on another label. He’s written plenty of Chris’s songs and could’ve done great on a major label.


    HEY RAP-UP Reply:




    tee Reply:

    @Wow, Chris isnt a modern day puff because puff wasnt an artist and tried to makes himself one.Chris is not still trying to be an artist chris is an artist.Hell turn of the radio hes on everyones damn song.Who cares about a platinum album when ones hes had them in the pass and two his last album went number one first week and won a Grammy.It not going platinum has more to do with consumers and promo more then cb as an artist.And of course you are going to see chris and kevin together a lot they work well together.And kmac is signed to RCA and CBE so hes on a major label.Please believe as much as kmac helped chris with his career cb has done the same for kmac.And chris writes as well fyi


    Diamond Reply:



  3. daniel

    big sean looks like a old gay man withe that cane and fur . Lol


  4. hero

    kevin mccall is wack


  5. In Flex We Trust » (Photos) Kevin McCall, Chris Brown & Big Sean Suit Up For “Naked” Video

    [...] Spotted: RU [...]

  6. Cranberry

    Naked? Why is everything is everything so sexualized with this camp?


  7. ellis

    no need to respond to some morons in here.chris brown is the most talented artist on planet earth and thats the soul reason most of you guys are mad.stay mad and keep following his every trails.


  8. ellis

    you leave you weak ass faves to talk about chris brown, envy the king.


  9. BreezyLover

    CHRIS NR. 1!


  10. WonderLand19

    I’m looking forward to this as i really like K-Mac. He’s a very talented Producer/Singer-Song writer and rapper.Plus, he looks handsome in a suit :)
    Kevin and Chris make a really good team and CBE (Culture Beyond Experience) have got a really nice vibe about them.Talented people making music for the love of it. With CBE, everyone is multi-talented. Chris and Godfrey are directing so you know its gonna be a winner :)
    Congrats Kevin!


  11. pass da dance Florze

    they doing their thang. can’t wait to see the video


  12. BAWSE

    Big Sean looks like Mr Burns in these pictures


  13. TheDreamer

    Kevin McCall looks hot.


  14. EMItheBest

    People are real ignorant to music the business and the facts of everything. Maybe y’all needa go back and listen to BET hip hop awards cypher hear Kmac verse. Then you heard Wale say CB is the most talented person he’s ever worked with in his life wasn’t a joke.. breezy learned when he was young if you do things yourself no one can tell you nothing and that’s where his creative aspects start to shoot off the charts n he does brilliant things like produce and make videos.. and just about every video CB shoots Kmac is n as well from Yeah 3x to Turn up the Music so hop off if y’all wanna learn about KMac go educate yourselves read a book but most of you probably can’t bc you don’t have something Kmac and I have a college degree lol not knocking those who dont bc it is a hard thing but Kmac grinded and it made him smarter and who he is as well as super rock steady drive thats why i threw that in their so to all the tru friend not firing at yall…but yeah CB ain’t no modern day Puff he jus helping his artist take off and keep flying oh yeah and CB payed for the video and his time and set jus so yall knew that and while helping Kmac get himself ready to do his thng breezy got an album droppin next month he cood b promoting but he wants the best for his artist his brother more facts hmm come on CB got him a deal under Universal Music Group so he not jus indy wit CBE idk so just learn before y’all talk don’t hate bc the guy breezy can do everything you probably wish you could and call Kevin McCall wack but he produced wrote deuces except tyga verse I bet you y’all sing every word bet you y’all throw on NO bullshit for ya ladies if u a hatin fella did 75% of fan of a fan Mixtape writes for beiber works wit timbo pharrell tank produced for Keri wrote a rap songs for artists that went platinum digitally and dude was a millionaire in less than a year I know alot more to bc I work for a label n i cood go on for days bc I know these people personally but Imma chill but yea I bet wen y’all was singing “Whenever you need me
    Whenever want me,
    You know you can call me, I’ll be there shortly
    Don’t care what your friends say, cause they don’t know me
    I can be your best friend, and you be my homie
    I ain’t gonna flex, I’m not gonna front
    You know if I ball, then we all gonna stunt
    Send her my way, she ain’t gotta hold up
    Whenever you call baby I roll up, I roll up, I roll up
    Whenever you call baby I roll up, I roll up, I roll up
    Whenever you call baby I roll up”
    LMAO hahahaha lemme jus leave it at that shout out to my label mates sometimes I gotta just comment on the blogs bc I was really expecting to hear good things about my brother Kmac but the hate is all around.. All I know is he will help me win my first Grammy. For now unknown bc my boss wood get me n so will the haters lol but I’ll b back


    nicole Reply:

    @EMItheBest, You writing all that was not necessary. you can’t change people on how they feel about kmac he produces and whatnot but he’s annoying on songs i would say. I think he writes and produce great but he should stay behind the scenes. CB needs to get rid of the leeches in his circle before all his money is gone. I love you CB just looking out for you!


  15. EMItheBest

    @nicole…i like havin the longest can’t change anybody thoughts on anything..they r who they r n think what they think.. jus postin that resume’ of Kmac things n it cood have been alot longer just showin his body of work and I like to talk jus bc I can.. Being annoying on songs I don’t see it I bet u know all his verses to if not go cop a Mixtape and hear good music how out you jus listen to him sing “compliments” n tell me how annoying, the strip remix hmmm deff not annoying mayb to u idk..what kinda music do u like who and what do you listen to tell me so I can see if they are annoying n see if u r jus caught up n the new era of bs music .. so u know he does alot of CB hooks n harmonies so i guess u singing annoyin music..idk that was jus another thing i cood say jus cuz i can but back to the real stuff.. last thing.. leech I don’t see Chris hanging with any leeches so u way off there show me a leech I needa see n really hope u not talking bout Kmac bc he has made Chris very rich I mean very rich n u needa listen to Chris’s verse for real Go listen to real hip hop ish “sometimes I wish I had better friends and better peers bc I know when that cheddar ends they disappear” so trust Chris knows what he’s doin he has no leeches around him since age 17/18 n all his people get close to a leech he has is his girl n she has her own career so idk are u guessing?? Are u trying to make a point? Are u trying to look like u talking bout something that will make people say you are right I don’t get it bc like I sed I know enuff and too much that will make ur comments look silly bc u state ur opinion I give facts that I know and witness..n I don’t like to argue wit women so sry Babi n if u knew who u were bloggin wit right now u’d b excited as heck lol but yea state ya points back to me n we gone keep this goin lol God Bless


    nicole Reply:

    @EMItheBest, I feel what your saying and all. All i was saying sometimes (kmac) needs to stay off certain tracks it get old sometimes. I glad he is getting the shine he always wanted as a main artist. As for CB and his leeches and stuff his tag alongs that be with him everywhere he goes that does nothing but leech for a free ride i’m not talking about KMac or CBE label artist and dancers but the others who do nothing but follow him and do anything productive . some of them leeches don’t even promote his stuff and i wish this time around cb spends time with promoting himself and not the others that’s all i’m saying with the leeches. He needs no yes people around him and put it that way. Hope this era is better this time around from the looks of it it’s not really looks good with these singles. lol god bless you too! have a nice night all good


  16. EMItheBest

    @nicole… You got a great mind yes u do yes you do lol much respect to u.. N oh yeah Chris had hella leeches until he became really close to Kmac n tyga.. tyrese n will smith mentored him but you right I’ve been with him and he so generous straight pay for all dinners I don’t drink but bottles too and I just watch these fools around him.. N Chris main thing is he doesn’t like to b alone so he tries to keep someone with him..and alot of them r yes men n D riders but it woodnt matter bc of Chris’s fear to b alone he would have them there anyway knowing that they fake n don’t care bout him.. but he don’t give out alotta stuff also bc Tyrese lectured us on his book and friends Chris really has changed..but again his wallet real generous n they play ball alot he buys new shoes n shorts and beverages for everyone and I don’t walk I’m n a chair (so hint hint another way y’all will spot me) so I get to see alot more when I look around I see the fake people I see uneducated cats who coodnt work a BK register that say Chris these dope right n he say yo put that on the card for my homie.. But I just wanted to make sure u wasn’t talking about Kmac n u knew he was a true friend and label mates we are true friends to but nice. Blogging with you was a fun thing for me really don’t or haven’t done this much I still stay away from twitter maybe bc I talk too much Thas y lol but YEAH and the album is extra extra fire so make sure u get it..n I don’t want people thinking the album n those tracks was really leaked so Imma say it with my label mates April Fools last week.. Get ready to cop Fortune n we got them Logo hoodies ready n the blue is smooth yeah this will b all over soon n people gonna tryn figure out who I am but peace to everyone just think of this your favorite artist song or your favorite song people I prob wrote on it. CBE always saying GBE (God.Bless.Everyone) but to my labels shoutout EMI/RCA… Peace World


  17. robert

    Grammy Winner Chris Brown has:
    1.) Written and/or Produced tracks for Mary J. Blige, Joe Jonas, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, and upcoming work with Brandy and The Wanted.
    2.) Has placed more hit songs on Billboards various charts in 7 years then Usher has in 18 years.
    3.) Building resume as video director for his own video’s as well as for video’s with Wale and now Kevin McCall.
    4.) Has starred in 3 Number 1 movies at the box office with two more starring roles coming this year.
    5.) Has had 1 Billion views on Vevo for his various music video’s.
    6.) Collaborations with a who’s who of artists including Mary J. Blige, Justin Bieber, Tank, Ludacris, Kanye West, Rihanna, Joe Jonas, Busta Rhymes, Bow Wow, T Pain, T.I., Juelz Santana, David Banner, Game, Keri Hilson, Lil Wayne, Jordan Sparks, Lil Mama, Big Sean, Wale, Chipmunk, Benni Benassi, Swizz Beats, Tyga, Kevin McCall, SWV, Nas, Pharrell, Esther Dean, Twista, Ace Hood, New Boyz, Pitbull, Ne-yo, Keisha Cole, Fat Joe, Nicki Minaj, DJ Khaled, Sean Garrett, Rick Ross, Diddy, Boyz II Men, Usher, DJ Khalil, Polow da Don, Plies, Ciara, Nelly, David Guetta, Wiz Khalifa, Elephant Man, Lloyd, J. Cole, Will.i.Am, DJ Drama, Jay Rock, Jawan Howard, Se7en, Trey Songz, Mario Winans, Estelle, Kelly Rowland, Timbaland, Lupe Fiasco, Rich Girl, J. Valentine, Gucci Mane, Petey Pablo, Drake, Jae Millz, Teriyaki Boyz, E 40, R. Kelly, Fabolous, Tyrese, Akon, Andre Merritt, DMX, Chamillionaire, Eric Bellinger, Young Dro, Yung Joc and Jay Sean (not an exhaustive list.)
    7.) Upcoming duet with B.o.B. and Tank.
    8.) Upcoming new album “Fortune” due May 8, including the hits “Strip” and “Turn Up The Music”
    9.) Just landed First Number 1 hit in the UK.
    10.) Has collaborated with various modern and graffiti artists.
    11.) Described by several recent producers as “the Michael Jackson of his generation.”
    12.) Has over 600 songs in his ever growing roster of music.
    13.) Founder and Creative consultant for Lifestyle Website
    14.) New Clothing Line coming soon.

    Writer/Director/Singer/Rapper/Actor/Choreographer/Dancer/Producer/Style Icon/Performer Chris Brown: The most prolific and talented male artist of his generation.


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