New Music: Wisin & Yandel f/ Jennifer Lopez – ‘Follow the Leader’

Follow the Leader

Boricuas in the house. Jennifer Lopez ignites the dance floor with Wisin & Yandel on the bilingual banger “Follow the Leader,” a single off the Puerto Rican duo’s upcoming album Los Lideres. Fresh off debuting her own sizzling single “Dance Again,” J.Lo keeps her hips shaking over the reggaeton rhythm, while Wisin & Yandel spice up the track with some fiery rhymes. Olé olé!

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  1. mumi



  2. mumi

    It’s just about making money. Senseless music.


    AI3 Reply:

    @mumi, real talk


  3. TheFlier

    its horrible… expected more from jlo these days… but, what the heck… music’s gone…


  4. Treyy

    This is better than anything J Lo & Pitbull have ever done. This will be HUGE in latin countries, these 3 are icons there.

    These beat is crazy! Hopefully Jenny has some bats like this on her upcoming CD, not just radio/dance pop thats mixes a lil latin flavor in…


  5. Meee

    Wasn’t expecting this, but this is better than most of the songs on ”Love?”. I say this is return to form for Jenny. Not sure, though, which one is the featured artist.


  6. Rap*LovesJesus



  7. Warren

    Dont have a f**** clue about the lyrics (Im not english)…

    but this sounds HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Its not my type of music, but I agree about this being a hit on the latin countries.

    And in my opinion, this sounds better than her latest single (which sounds a bit late, specially the hook. Pitbull’s part is nice)


  8. people have da Right to state their opion

    awsome song


  9. Songstress

    How can you all diss another cultures form of music…it’s not only for us Americans…there are other cultures of music out there so what makes this senseless???….Oh b/c you’re too ignorant to actually get that the song is in another language and it’s not only for Americans…get it together hatters!


  10. andres0811



  11. Jay

    OMG Love it! Wisin&Yandel kill this and I love that they did a record with J Lo! I still jam to Abusadora. :)


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