Sneak Peek: Akon – ‘Behind the Music’


Akon shares his inspiring journey to the American Dream on VH1’s “Behind the Music.” Born in Senegal, Africa, the platinum hitmaker opens up about his home life and troubled past including a stint in prison for stealing cars. He also talks about the infamous time he tossed a fan offstage, discovering Lady Gaga, and being the last artist to record with Michael Jackson.

The one-hour special features commentary from his longtime friend Wyclef Jean and footage from his new video shoot for “Hurt Somebody,” a single off his upcoming album Stadium.

“Behind the Music: Akon” airs Wednesday at 9 p.m. Catch a sneak peek below.

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  1. MinajRuling2012

    Please, let it go!! What a waste of airtime. He is a Has been for real!! Done!!! Back to Africa you go.


    Tank Reply:

    @MinajRuling2012, Shut up hater


    mr.bubble love Reply:

    @MinajRuling2012, bitch shut da eff up and go back to where u came from hater


    eminemfan23 Reply:

    @MinajRuling2012, came from a nicki minaj fan. LMAO!


    Chris Reply:

    @MinajRuling2012, you don’t know what real R&B is stupid hater.


    nickiminajisbitch Reply:

    @MinajRuling2012, nicki minaj really destroyed real music:( please dont be mad and she’s the biggest “thug” bitch ever. her latest song sucks camel toe like all her other songs. She’s totally flop… she’s so fail, and even at the grammy she was terrible. what a failing artist.



    He. Discovered. Lady. Fucking. Gaga. He’s worth more than you & your dead ancestors lives. He wins. You Lose. Your Mad

    BYE -_-


    B.L. Reply:

    @HONEYBOO, Exactly! Too many haters on this site…



    Irrelevant? 0_O

    He. Discovered. Lady. GA. GA. He’s worth more than you & your dead ancestors lives. He wins. You Lose. You’re MAD



  4. 100

    Looking forward to this!


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