Brandy and Monica Perform on ‘LIVE! with Kelly’

Brandy and Monica

Brandy and Monica’s reunion tour touched down on Wednesday’s “LIVE! with Kelly.” Following their appearance on “GMA,” the soulful divas performed their Rico Love-produced duet off Monica’s new album New Life, later chatting with the hosts.

The proud mothers gushed about their children and Brandy shared her daughter Sy’rai’s musical aspirations. “It’s like lady, slow down. We’re gonna be normal for a little bit,” she joked.


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  1. James

    Damn was they pressed for time cuz they cut this performance short


  2. Yowie

    Monica, let Brandy sing!
    I love both of them but Brandy needs to sing more on this performance.


  3. jonnyjon

    Monica is promoting her album. She needs the shine a little more right now.


  4. Warren

    its cool that they did a new duet together after all these years and they are cool with eachother…

    but I feel like this “Brandy and Monica” stuff should come to an end, and should lead to BRANDY’S new era, to finally shine by her own.

    We’ve been waiting for so long and its her time to shine.

    by herself, with her own music, with Hot music.


  5. Destined

    Sing Mo and Bran! Loves it and loving Mo’s album! That child know she can saanng!


  6. Kid

    WHom ever been doing Brandy hair and make Up is really on PoinT>>>I hope the industry knows what Time it is!!! I think that’s ALL BRaN been needing is a new look!!!AnD mymy my she’s been bringing it HARD>>2/11 iS gonna be Bannanas!!!!GREAT Job!!!!Brandy&MOnica!!!!!!


  7. TRP

    I love Monica and “New Life”, but every time they do this song I find I’m focusing more on Brandy and wanting to hear more of her voice. Get Brandy’s album out! She sounds amazing!


  8. Amanda

    I wish they’d both finger me and lick my nipples until i squirt.


  9. Jay

    They just killed it again! Love these girls. Monica was going in and Brandy Wow! Brandy and Monica forever! :)


  10. brandon



  11. Chet

    Monica sure was struggling to hit that high falsetto at the end.


    Trenelle Reply:

    @Chet, HUH???? Monica sang the HELL out of her part. I saw the opposite. But hey not looking for blog beef. We can agree to disagree


  12. TheDreamer

    Good performance. Have yet to listen to Monica’s album.


  13. gugu

    they r the best keep it up ladies


  14. av



  15. Dave

    Monica SLAYED! Idk how I missed this performance, of course Brandy did her thang, can’t take that from her. But Monica’s vocals have really been improving, especially her range. She was in top vocal form here. @ 2:29 she belted a E5. I’m so happy she’s moving on from this single & to “Without You because her trying to be nice & do this unity thing with Brandy just was not working for her.


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