Akon Reflects on Success, Lady Gaga, & Michael Jackson on ‘Behind the Music’

Michael Jackson and Akon

Following Game and T-Pain, Akon was the latest artist to be profiled on VH1’s “Behind the Music.” The superstar singer and music mogul, born Aliaune Thiam, shared his inspiring journey from a village in Senegal to conquering the world charts. He opened up about his highs and lows, including the time he was caught humping an underage girl onstage, working with the late Michael Jackson, and helping launch Lady Gaga’s career.

“Gaga became the biggest success story in my history of music,” said Akon, who has a new album named Stadium on the way. “More than anything I was happy that I stuck with it and we believed in it together.”

The special also featured commentary from Wyclef Jean, T-Pain, and his family members. Follow Akon’s path to stardom in the full episode below.


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  1. WWHO

    Dayum Michael Jackson looks like Lil’ Kim.


    Callum Reply:

    Don’t see nothing similar between them both?


  2. Chris

    If you aren’t a fan of Akon then you will be after watching this.


  3. Hugh

    Damn I miss MJ.

    No regrets.


  4. mjj5

    Really inspiring!!! Akon and MJ is the best!!


  5. Maiky Ricardo



  6. daniel

    LOVE and MISS Michael Jackson every day most


  7. corlista

    What an amazing journey Akon’s been on. I was in tears during the Michael Jackson segment. I miss him still so much. Thank you, Akon, for being his friend and telling us about the real Michael. You each gave each other another chance. I’m sure he loved you, too.


  8. sam

    Miss MJ very much


  9. papi

    love u akon! missin mj so badd…riplegend


  10. Goa hussein

    Imis him too. But akon chart with me am an orphan an that is my email addres:be strong with ua sweet lyrics song.


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