Cassie to Perform Again on ’106 & Park’

Terrence and Cassie

Nearly six years after her first performance on television, Cassie is returning to the same stage where she got her start. The singer will perform on BET’s “106 & Park” later this month.

During her first appearance on the show in 2006, a nervous Cassie delivered a shaky performance of her single “Me & U” with producer Ryan Leslie. It was panned by viewers and since then, she has shied away from singing live.

But after regaining her confidence, she will return to the show to perform her new single “King of Hearts” on Tuesday, April 24. She has been rehearsing for weeks as she prepares for the release of her sophomore album.

The follow-up to her 2006 debut will feature elements of ska, hip-hop, pop, and dance, with contributions from Rico Love (“Balcony”), Young Jeezy, and Jean-Baptiste, who produced the second single. “It’s more of an in-your-face, tougher Cassie,” said the Bad Boy signee.

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  1. Yan

    I need this album in my life.


    INCAS Reply:

    @Yan, good luck to her. Hmmm if theres loads of choreography and a LOUD backing track, plus the mic turned ALL THE WAY UP and her vocals layered SEVERAL times, I’m sure it will be great. I really hope it’s great, so much to prove!!!


  2. C

    LOL @ ‘rehearsing for weeks’


    Truth Reply:

    @C, Yeah sounds pretty pathetic if you ask me. It doesnt take a good recording artist that long to practice unless theres heavy choreography. I doubt that cassie performance is going to be good.


    D Reply:

    @Truth, She has been rehearsing other songs too, as she is preparing for a promo tour.


  3. Truth

    I havent even seen Cassie perform ever in my life. She definately needs to prove herself this time around if she wants her new album to sell.


  4. zzzezzy

    this should be interesting


  5. joey

    i can’t wait! i love love love cassie! she the best, even though she’s not the best singer, she fits every genre like a glove. chameleon.


  6. nicole

    that performance was very shaky… i wish her best of luck for this one! i hope she owns the place!


  7. Kurt

    Yo man finally I hope cassie does well can’t wait!!!
    King of Hearts!
    Much love cassie


  8. Sasha

    I can’t wait to see her performance! I know she can do it. She will be good!


  9. Infamous

    She needs to kill it and I believe in her that she will.


  10. Paue



  11. shak

    ive just seen the bet performance OH MY well heres the link lol


  12. tb

    she is soo fuckn goregous bt her singing…….il pass


  13. Distinguished

    I’m rooting for Cassie! Hopefully, she does well….


  14. Jay

    Sweet! Love Cassie! Can’t wait for her to perform again and the new album. :)


  15. bijan

    I am rooting for her, I really hope it works out well!


  16. TRP

    I remember that terrible performance on 106. SMH
    Ryan Leslie, then Diddy…nevermind.



    Good Luck!


  18. Kyle

    I bet she has been rehearsing for weeks because she knows what happened when she performed the first time. Just by listening to “King of Hearts,” it seems like that would be a super difficult song to pull off live. My advice for Cassie: just lip synch and MURDER THE CHOREOGRAPHY!


  19. TheDreamer

    Wish her luck!


  20. Me

    lol y is she doing this to herself


  21. king of Lovtre

    intersting to see how she will performance This time @ the 106& Park show


  22. KBoriel

    I am sooo excited, she deserves to get success from this single ‘King of Hearts’ its amazing and I am a BIG FAN of all of Cassie’s work, I think she is going to blow everyone out the water, especially with Laurieann and her dancers input with the performance. She seems confident and seems like she is ready to show people what she can do with this next album! Can’t for September this is going to be EPIC!!!!

    I know for sure that, I will be buying her album and supporting her all the way #Teamcassie

    Oh and one more thing.. :-) If you like King of Hearts, vote it on the 106& Park Top Ten countdown, let get her to #1 before she performs on the 23rd! Lets go!!!


  23. SLIM

    I’m rooting for Cas.


  24. Princess Nee

    I seriously love this Woman she is so beautiful my goodness no homo but dnt selena gomez remind yall of CAASIE REAL TALK THOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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