Video: Miguel – ‘…All’


Miguel gives his “…All” in the artsy video for a cut off his micro EP Art Dealer Chic, Vol. 2. The R&B crooner seductively stares into the camera as he throws back a 40 in the under-two-minute visuals. He previously released a video for “Arch & Point” and will drop the third installment in his Art Dealer Chic series on April 27.

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  1. ingrid



  2. PrettyRounBrwn

    This EP makes me want to me held captive by my man and revished til’ I can’t walk for awhile!#JustSayin


  3. jeremydante

    with his first album, i wasn’t fully convinced with his image but this time around- miguel is absolutely killing it- lyrically, sonically through production & vocally.


    Truth Reply:

    @jeremydante, Most the songs from Miguels debut album were already over 2 years old i got Miguel when i first heard Sure Thing, Quickee, Girls Like You, Etc. His music is just on another level from every other artist out in my opinion hes bringing a futuristic feel to R&B that nobody is daring to do. He bringing his own style to R&B and music period which shows unlike many other artists. Sonically and lyrically no artist out is touching miguel he is a true gift to the music industry.


    Rasan Reply:

    @jeremydante, Are you serious, do you know good music?!!!


    me Reply:

    @Rasan, There is nothing wrong with what Jeremydante said. I wasn’t convinced with his look during the first album either. It was forced. I can see he’s finding himself more on this album. His true artistry is showing more on this one.


  4. yes indeed

    I. Would. Turn. Miguel. All. The. Way. Out.


  5. LOL LOL

    He should’ve put all 9 songs on one mixtape and not torture us with separated EPs downloads.. SMH

    Music’s great.


  6. OOL UH UH

    This is how you deliver. Mig, is making things interesting. Ill.


  7. @taimiicel



  8. king of Lovtre



  9. malikMJdope

    That was really a cool ass vid


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