Bow Wow Announces ‘Underrated’ Tour

Bow Wow

As he gears up for the release of his Cash Money debut Underrated on June 12, Bow Wow will hit the road to promote the album with a tour. He has announced the first eight dates for the U.S. trek, which will play intimate venues beginning June 1 in Dallas before traveling to Anaheim, San Francisco, and Syracuse. Pre-sales tickets are available now. See the initial itinerary below.

Underrated Tour Dates

June 1 – Dallas, TX – South Side Music Hall
June 3 – El Paso, TX – Buchanan’s Event Center
June 5 – Tempe, AZ – Marquee Theatre
June 8 – Anaheim, CA – Grove of Anaheim
June 9 – San Francisco, CA – The Regency Ballroom
June 11 – Englewood, CO – Gothic Theatre
June 19 – Syracuse, NY – SRC Arena
June 20 - Hampton, NH – Wally’s Pub

* More dates to be announced.

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  1. p

    he calls himself the prince of hip hop yet he can’t do a arena tour…


    MinajRuling2012 Reply:

    @p, He’d be better off giving those tickets away.


    relly Reply:

    He’s done Madison Square Garden as headliner at least 3 times…no other rapper but Jay Z and Eminem have sold out the Garden numerous times.

    His last album came out in 2009, he can’t hit arena’s to sell a new album, you do arenas after a release to perform that material. He’s already had arena appearances for his last albums. The new one isn’t out and doesn’t even have a first single because “Sweat” was a buzz singles for 2011


  2. Yasmine

    wallys pub?



  3. Croca Crola

    I love how Bow Wow has to name his album ‘Underrated’ because obviously no one would ever refer to him as such. Get JD to write your rhymes again.


  4. JS

    They should call it ‘unattended’. LOL.


    ge Reply:

    @JS, He need to give it up because he is cocky for noo reason: calling yourself underrated is suck a stupid thing to do


    relly Reply:

    @ge, I don’t think so. He’s outsold legends, and outlasted people who get more props. He’s the biggest selling artists to be on Cash Money, but people would easily call him a failure when other artists like Drake and Tyga have to get where he’s at success wise. Even Nicki has to get where he is tour wise.

    He’s in the Guiness Book of World Records .
    His first album alone sold 3 million and he made it where other child stars couldn’t with at least 4 succcessful albums.

    A few years ago he performed at the first Black’s president inaugaration event for the First Family.

    He got “Lottery Tickets” to be in theaters instead of DVD because of his name, even the director said that and the movie opened with the biggest average per screens against action films that summer. Any review of “Madea’s Big Happy Family” says the only good thing of the movie was his acting.

    You can’t say anyone from Soulja Boy to to Ace Hood to 2 Chainz has done it, and he has a better flow then all of them. Not his singles but his albums, he does flow.

    So for people to even question if he’s underrated or not with all the stuff I’ve stated proves he’s underrated. Don’t gotta like dude, but facts are facts, numbers are numbers.


    CITY Reply:

    @JS, LMAO


    Vhee Reply:

    @JS, WIN


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  6. BOMB



    BadChickNay Reply:

    @BOMB, no one cares buy on here commenting on a post about him..I guess some fucks are givin


  7. MinajRuling2012

    Boy Bye! You’re done!


  8. JOLIE

    lOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT… HE’S THE BEST>! Can’t wait for the album :) (and HATERS GO FUCK YOURSELFS , THANKS! )


  9. JOLIE

    I love u , bow <3


  10. 100

    F— the haters, you’re a winner bow!


  11. Vhee

    “Intimate venues” is hogwash. He can’t afford larger venues anyway.


  12. ughreally

    I can’t wait. No one can EVER say he doesn’t put on a good show. He has songs people grew up with so it’s like good throwback fun and he has the LL Cool J energy to reach out to his fans, bring someone on stage, he throws his mic in the air , catches, moves around the whole stage and it’s just him an a dj on turntables like classic hip hop.

    This is his promo tour , for his new album, so it’s not going to to be stadiums, it’s going to be to a certain market. After the album comes out I’m sure he can go bigger.


  13. kristen garcia

    #bowwownation we are ready for the best tour ever
    #ymcmb life
    i love you bow wow


  14. ashleyymoniquee

    Despite all the negativity in the comment I am so excited for Bow to go on this tour and for the new album. I have been a Bow Wow fan since day one and lad to have been able to watch him grown in to the man , artist , father and inspirations that he is today . All of the negativity shows exactly why he is underrated but to all of Bow’s fan who have and will comment on this status we know this man puts on one hell of a show an the tour will be a great success — hope he releases a tour date near me

    - ashleyymoniquee


  15. Danielle B

    Im so excited about Bow’s underrated tour! I love Bow Wow and I will forever love him and I know that he is gonna kill every show!


  16. Victoria Love

    Damn all this hate 4 real who cares if yall dnt like him he sure dnt cuz @ the end of the day he still making tht mula n still gaining fans n I love wht u do Bow in imma keep supporting u cuz im still a fan u still the shit boooskie #steam Bowwow


  17. BadChickNay

    Super excited for this Underrated tour! Gray show is expected.No one knows how to put on a show like Bow.


  18. BadChickNay

    BowWow Underrated Tour!
    Underrated Album June 12th..Leggoo



  19. Speechless

    8 dates is not a tour. That’s a road trip.


  20. relly

    this is the first 8 dates, o_0 it’s not the whole tour. NYC, ATL, LA, etc will be announced later. Da*n


  21. Leon

    Bow Wow you’ve got to come to Australia for this tour, make sure one of them are in Melbourne


  22. Claudita

    It’s Time! sisters anurod the world ..we will not bow down, remember 1 can put a thousand and 2 can put 10, 000 to flight. My God is almighty, it is time to unit and send out an SOS to the GOD of Heaven and Earth. Will you be a voice or an echo?


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