Frank Ocean Makes Waves at Coachella

Frank Ocean and Tyler, the Creator

After joining Odd Future at Coachella last year, Frank Ocean returned to the festival with a solo set consisting mostly of songs off his debut Nostalgia, Ultra, sprinkled with teasers of new material.

“Coachella, what the fuck is up?” asked the New Orleans native as he took the stage at the Gobi tent, immediately apologizing for technical difficulties. But it was only the beginning of a shaky performance that kicked off with a cover of Bob Dylan’s “Long Time Gone.”

He then delved into his current single “Thinking Bout You,” asking his band to kill the music midway through. The crowd roared when Tyler, the Creator appeared onstage, snapping a photo of his OFWGKTA cohort before performing “Analog 2″ off The OF Tape Vol. 2.

“Whip Appeal” and “Voodoo” were followed by a new song where he referenced Forrest Gump, but it too was cut short. He closed his 40-minute set with “Novacane” and “White,” leaving festivalgoers thirsty for more.

Watch Frank’s full Coachella performance below.


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  1. C94B

    “leaving festivalgoers thirsty for more”

    To say the least.


    edison Reply:

    @C94B, this set list was so unproffesional, he even said it why he looked down……


  2. Miles



  3. taj mahal

    That was an awesome set, sup Frankie Ocean


  4. Mike

    He can’t sing and really not as “deep” as he thinks he is. Very mediocre


    T.K. Reply:

    @Mike, I love Frank’s music, but I kinda agree. If he came out in the 90s/early 00s for example (where there was Brandy, R.Kelly, D’Angelo, Jagged Edge, the ‘old’ Usher, etc), people wouldn’t be talking about him as much. Bit harsh to say that he can’t sing though!


    My Name U Dont need 2 kno dat Reply:

    @T.K., You lots are crazy, did you not hear him smashing the falsetto every single time he need it. Some singers do the falsetto in the song, but never can do it live. HE DID


    CarlosBonegro Reply:



    Mike Reply:

    @CarlosBonegro, Every person on stage who can’t sing say that!


  5. Seems Legit

    Frank OCEAN Makes WAVES At Coachella

    I see what you did there :)


    INCAS Reply:

    @Seems Legit, ooh yeeaaa


  6. Trillafood

    He’s a great vocalist and his pen game is sick!


    TNT Reply:

    “i still believe in man
    a wise one asked me why
    cause i just don’t believe we’re wicked
    i know that we sin but i do believe we try
    we all try
    the girls try
    the boys try
    women try
    men try
    you and i
    try try we all try”

    Seriously? Shakespeare watch out! LMAO This is written by a 3rd grader.


  7. Cranberry

    Kii at the sound fucking up on his first big show. Karma is real, kids.


  8. Kaylyn

    I really think that some people are only interested in him becuse he wrote a song for Beyonce. Big WHOOP-DEE-FUCKING Doo…… he really cant sing like most are thinking whether the mic was fucked up or not so lets keep it REAL today people. -________-


    Sarah Reply:

    @Kaylyn, THANK YOU…. like i will admit lyrically i love his stuff but after seeing the coachella set I was so disappointed. I was shocked to realize he cant sing, not like his voice on the mixtape was all that but for it to even sound that decent there must have been some major pitch correction and production.
    But i was just amazed how far hes come I mean he may be on key but for the most part… it was so shitty. But im glad someone else noticed and can speak the truth.


  9. king of Lovtre

    man this frankie dude can sing but NIIIIceeeee


  10. Whatever

    It’s not that he can’t sing, it’s just that this show was not his best, I’ve seen him do way better. The show started out shakey but by the end he was able to pull it all together. Plus you can clearly hear that something is wrong with the sound in the beginning.


  11. Mentamir

    It was a bit sloppy, for such a big performance it’s kind of “expected” that you have your shit together. He made up for it with his undeniable talent to tell a story, though. Frank is a natural, and contrary to what some of the other commenters are saying, I love Frank’s voice and actually find him to be a great singer. This was a raw, authentic and dope show, but it left some to be desired for his future shows.


    MRBIG Reply:


    Basically this :-)


  12. Oil & Water

    i love him as a songwriter, but as a performer/singer…not so much


  13. Kelvin

    Whats that called song he sang at the start?


  14. Kelvin

    Whats the name of the song he sang at the begining?


  15. RealIssh

    The show was amazing – Very natural & raw . No gimmick , no fake singing .

    He tried and he delivered . His growth is phenomenal .


  16. GolfWang GOODmusic



  17. This Dick

    IDGAF what anyone says about Frank the boy is talented at singwriting and performing. i mean come on evey performer has a shaky show. their humans and not perfect like tf? you guys just sit back and enjoy him because he is !oo% amazing i love this dude and cant get enough of him. his music alone does things for me and im glad hes in my generation. OFWGKTA got next i lvoe them all


  18. Jade

    Frank Ocean can fucking sing. Don’t act like Coachella is the only place he’s ever performed at. His other performances are *FLAWLESS*. I bet all the people that had negative comments sat there, watched his whole set and enjoyed every second of it. If he “can’t sing”, then don’t fuck with him nor his music. Simple. He’s one of the greatest out of the FEW we have left in the game… So stfu.


  19. Hugh

    Fantastic show!


  20. TNT

    Terrible voice, stupid lyrics and even worse songwriting, horrible phrasing, can’t hit a single vocal run, even worse falsetto, no stage presence, serious pitch issues, how the hell did this guy win a grammy, unbelievable.

    If you hear talent here, I feel sorry for you.


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