New Music: Wyclef Jean – ‘Justice (If You’re 17)’

Wyclef Jean

Wyclef Jean cries out for Trayvon Martin and “every 17-year-old around the entire globe” on “Justice (If You’re 17),” a powerful song inspired by the tragic shooting of the Florida teen.

“He could have been the next president/ He could have been the next Steve Jobs/ He could have been the next astronaut,” sings the former Fugees frontman.

Clef issues a warning over the guitar-laced beat. “If you’re 17 with a hoodie on, watch out for the neighborhood watcher.”

Hear his tribute to Trayvon below. A video is also set to premiere on April 20.

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  1. Redchainsaw

    Good Attempt Wyclef but……………


  2. WWHO

    WTF>>> this has been blown way out of proportion. About 22,000 children die of starvation a day.. Why is this kid so important?
    Wyclef just trying to make money…


    Kobe on the Laker floor Reply:

    You should die you know that right?
    B/c He’s always talking about children everywhere… But no ones pays no attention so just b/c he makes one song don’t mean nothing you bum.


    WWHO Reply:

    @Kobe on the Laker floor, You should never wish death on someone. Its really nice. All i’m saying is I don’t understand why this kid is getting so much attention (even here in UK) yet we have things much worse going on everyday.


    GiGiMoney Reply:

    @WWHO, you need to stfu cause he all ready have money…he just make the music cause he likes kids and he’s always talking about kids smfh


    WWHO Reply:

    @GiGiMoney, is that why he stole 7 million from haiti ?



    Dear Wyclef,
    Go Back To The Cave You Was Hiding In Because You’re Like 2 Months Late With This Shit. Your Input Is Not Required , Try Again With A More Recent Tragedy. On Top Of That Your Response Was Luke Warm and You Said Basically What Every Other Carribean Adult Said. -_- .
    Sincerely, Me .


  4. MinajRuling2012

    Wyclef, still trying to hang. you’re late, this story is old. Stop stealing money from Haiti, thats what you should focus on. Bum.


  5. Theodore the Great

    Hold on now, people.. don’t beat Wyclef up too much. It’s a global culture to capitalize on tragedy. At the end of the day, Wyclef gets what he wants (and needs): some much needed PUBLICITY.


  6. dodo

    this dude would do anything for attention..

    career flopped. over. sit down clef.



    truly bored!! c’mon are u kidding ? NIGGA DOWN DOWN


  8. king of Lovtre

    THIS song could have came out Last Month instead of this Month.


  9. Equality 4all

    I think its awesome that Wyclef did this song! The Trayvon Martin Case, is a big deal cause this kid was shot because he looked suspicious or out of place, what made him suspicious a hoodie he was wearing in the rain. Trayvon is important because he was a kid with skittles in his pocket on the way to watch a game and was shot because of the way he looked. Much love to Wyclef!


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  11. Haitianjonas

    Yes he could of been the next top Doctor…May God bless his family….R.I.P TRAY…


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