Lauryn Hill Delivers at First U.K. Show in Five Years

Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill headed overseas for her first U.K. performance in five years at the indigO2 in London on Saturday (April 14). Despite her unpredictability, she silenced even the harshest of critics with over 90 minutes of Fugees classics and material off her groundbreaking album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. Wearing a long metallic dress and natural hair, the former Fugees frontwoman delivered an energetic set including a cover of Bob Marley & The Wailers’ “Don’t Rock My Boat.”

At one point during the evening, the mother of six laughed off a near wardrobe malfunction. “Too much baby, no more breasts/ I’m losing my dress,” she said.

The Arts Desk praised Ms. Hill, writing, “She silenced the doubters with a fully commanding and controlling show,” while The Guardian said, “Her full control over her instrument is clear.”

Watch clips from L-Boogie’s set below.

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  1. reality

    The one and only queen of hip hop Soul. This is real music.


    Revolution Reply:

    @reality, Lauryn is back they got Tupac holograms 2012 is not the time to play thank you real music


  2. Yeah

    YES <3


  3. Marley.

    So so so grateful so have been there. No words.


  4. Deya

    I love her. I miss her music.


  5. HipHopisBack

    I hope she is coming back this year !


    Tweeter Reply:

    @HipHopisBack, The Return is her new albums coming out this year. She announced it a while ago.


  6. Trinity

    But didnt Eve say she is not in a good mental place now?


    okpimpin Reply:

    @Trinity, thats eve throwin salt in the game! eve aint even in her cirlce she’s feeding off what the media is saying bout her….stupid hoe!


    YOU GONE SEE Reply:

    @okpimpin, no thats not she just had a baby and see was she was taking care of her kids


  7. okpimpin

    That’s what the F I’m talkin bout! Shut these haters down!!!!!


  8. xedos

    bitch is mad


  9. Aaron

    I hope we get new music this year!


  10. DeeJay

    Oh My God, I love the new look. I knew LH would come back strong, shutting down the haters, who don’t know how to perform.


  11. Morgan

    She’s gorgeous! Def one of my idols …. love you, Lauryn!


  12. boss

    i was there and she KILLED it, duno why ppl were saying she was rubbish in her previouse shows (in america) because she was on perfect form lastnight she put on a show it werent even a concert…it was a rave/blockparty!!!, and the crowed ate her up. her energy was live, her voice was great, and her band was off the chain.


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    yessss she is back love her the queens of hip hop is coming to take what they own ans started all back


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