Behind the Video: R. Kelly – ‘Share My Love’

R. Kelly

“Let’s get together and populate,” said R. Kelly while shooting the video for “Share My Love,” the first single off his upcoming album Write Me Back, the sequel to 2010’s Love Letter. The R&B lothario had all the ladies to himself while throwing an intimate party on set, with drinks, dancing, and jubilation.

“We don’t like the new videos. We just like to have fun and turn the camera on while we do it,” said Kellz. “We not gonna call this a video, we calling this a real party. Everybody here is VIP.”

The full video will premiere on VEVO on April 19. Go behind the scenes below.

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  1. Thriller

    yeah share my love with a teeniegirl….


    dfff Reply:

    @Thriller, We’re not talking about you, ugly.


  2. David

    Kellz man doing his thing thats whats up.


  3. King Size

    I was hoping he’d go a different direction wit his new album but it should still be dope


  4. 13yr old

    Pee on me KELLS!


    13yr old Reply:

    @13yr old, Actually, KILL ME instead. I don’t deserve to live because I’m an idiot trolling the internet.


  5. EJay

    I think it shows how lame ppls lives are when they click on the link to watch a vid only say somn negative that has noting to do with the topic! If u feel a certain way about Kelly thats your biz, your right, but I say just dont pay attention to his music or links involving him! He was found not guilty by a jury of 12… so why are we still judging him for it him after his been judged!???!? Now as for the MUSIC (the reason we even care to concern ourselves with the guy) this video seems like its gonna be nice and real grown & sexy! I actually love the direction he is taking his music, more mature & clean cut, I feel a singer can be sexual with the lyrics yet do so in a more classy way,and his fan base is aging as he is! So I think its smart to recognize that and cater to them! Cause most young fans will never appreciate him anyway, so why male music for them, when they actually think T. Songz is on his level as an all around artist! PLLEEEAAASSEE!!! LOL,Anyway, lookin forward to the full video and the album itself..!. Cause to me has one of the last great REAL ARTISTS (write, produce, sing) we have left, appreciate while we can!;-) Peace & Love…


    Sharon Haigler Reply:

    @EJay, i coudn’t have said it better. Im a fan for life.


  6. Hugh

    Love R Kelly


  7. Sharon Haigler

    I Love Me some R Kelly. For EVER.


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