New Music: B.o.B – ‘So Hard to Breathe’

So Hard to Breathe

B.o.B drowns in his sorrows on “So Hard to Breathe,” another introspective cut off his sophomore album Strange Clouds, due May 1. The ATLien shares the dark side of fame and his struggles with loneliness as he plays the guitar. “You either surface or you plummet/ It’s a thin line and I’m just trying to keep my head above it,” he sings. Go deep with B.o.B.

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  1. manjeo

    that’s why I love b.o.b. You cannot put this guy in box. He is a really good musician.


    Jesus Reply:

    @manjeo, Ditto!


  2. Dave

    LOVE IT!


  3. don

    just made my night!!! dude is one of a kind in this era. kind of how everyone feels about drake. only that i dont think drakes talent comes close to bobby ray


  4. saio

    the sequel to don’t let me fall
    i luv it



    @saio, yup! most def!


  5. tio

    The instrumental sounds like it’s coming from a Twilight soundtrack LOL


  6. nancy

    i love it,amazing one


  7. I'm a strong boy, never cry. U better hit me with a big stone than U broke my heart

    Love him a lot


  8. Hugh



  9. echo

    too pop


    aton88 Reply:

    @echo, Agreed. I think BOB is very talented, but I just can’t cosign this Radio Disney sounding music he puts on his albums


    wd Reply:

    @echo, everone today is too pop.


  10. aj

    this is crazy its really good!


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