Kelly Rowland and T-Pain Get Up Close with Koalas and Crocodiles in Australia

Kelly Rowland

During their visit to Australia for Supafest, Kelly Rowland and T-Pain snuck in some time to explore Wild Life Sydney. The “Motivation” singer tried not to disturb a koala named Samara, gently petting her as she slept.

The two also got up close with Rex, the zoo’s 16-foot saltwater crocodile, and encountered other animals including a golden possum, red-tailed black cockatoo, and sugar gliders.

They will meet up with their Supafest tourmates Chris Brown, Big Sean, and Ludacris when the urban music festival continues in Melbourne on Saturday and Perth on Sunday.

Kelly Rowland and T-Pain

Kelly Rowland and T-Pain

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  1. I'm a strong boy, never cry. U better hit me with a big stone than U broke my heart

    Kelly looks so adorable :)


  2. Redchainsaw

    Kelly is so beautiful,and it she’s like she has a really nice personailty


  3. abdullah

    t-pain is awesome


  4. MusiqLover

    love Kelly!


  5. wORD uP

    Kelly n Pain doin they thang…ok that was lame but it rhymed..ha!


  6. sophia

    YAY can’t wait till they come to Melbourne :)


  7. Biatc

    Kelly is the business!!!


  8. Songstress

    Kelly is so beautiful !!!!


  9. katyboo

    t-pain is so sexii ii swearr he can gid it lbvs


  10. Lola

    Kelllllly ^.^


  11. TheDreamer

    Kelly looks cute :)


  12. Alassne

    T-pain est ma music prefere


  13. Alassne

    je veux que tu T-pain soit mon producteur



    yeah that’s me man Pain



    yeah that’s ma man Pain


  16. justice

    I hope my baby tpain not goin wit the biggest hoe kelly


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