Mystikal Ordered Back to Jail for Probation Violation


Mystikal is headed back to jail. The New Orleans rapper has been ordered to serve three months behind bars due to a probation violation.

The 41-year-old MC, born Michael Tyler, was released from a Louisiana prison in 2010 after serving six years for sexual battery and extortion. He will return to jail on May 14, according to The Advocate.

On Monday, state District Judge Tony Marabella added the extra time as a condition of Mystikal’s five-year probation in the extortion case as a result of his arrest in February on a misdemeanor charge of domestic abuse battery.

“It was an unfortunate incident between two people who have cared a lot about each other for 10 years,” said Roy Maughan Jr., Mystikal’s attorney.

Mystikal and the victim are described as domestic partners. They have two children together.

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  1. The Shaded Truth

    The end of Mystikal.


    damnnnn Reply:

    @The Shaded Truth, raping and beating women aint ordinary bruh


    youngearli Reply:

    @The Shaded Truth, uhu


  2. Ale

    Dumb idiot !!!!


  3. Chet

    Idiot. I just met him last month at the Fader Fort during SXSW in Austin, too. He was playing this dude in ping pong lol. I was kinda surprised out how good he was, but not really since he was locked up for almost a decade.


  4. B-Rad

    Haha and he just signed to Cash Money… Shame Shame Shame LOL


  5. TRA

    YMCMB takes a lost for signing Mystikal, Mystikal hasn’t sold any records since the early 2000s, and Mystikal just got out of jail for sexually harrassing and raping a woman. Now Mystikal goes back to jail for violating his probation. It is stupid idiots and clowns like Mystikal that shows that entertainers shouldn’t always be considered role models.


  6. Songstress



  7. Morgan

    “Been so long…”


  8. mon

    damn mystikal u need to stay one deep fuck the females get focused right now


  9. Kyle

    What an idiot! You would think that after serving over 5 years in prison you would DO EVERYTHING YOU COULD to be on your best behavior and follow the rules of your probation…some people are plain #STUPID.


  10. Phillip Jecty

    I cant believe this.


  11. sgt jenkins

    Look that’s baby mama baby daddy drama that turned like it always do especially since he’s been gone all this time. So much lost time with the kids now he’s back out and freshly signed shits taken off for him but in reality them two kids need all they daddy time. Mystikal is the reason I joined the army and happily served in 3rd I.D. he’s always in this band of brothers homie so understand the whole situation before you past judgement. If the shoe fit where it.



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  13. a mere opinion

    this bitch has kids by him???dogg ass bitch, u dontthink the kids gone see dis,n hate their dad???stupid Bitch that man took care of you n them kids, n didn’t even call u out,et you look like just hair dresser…Hoe you trash,n nobdy knows the real detail,coz mf downing him,but protecting the tramp ass god igging bitch..smh,wtf,is wrong with bitches,you would rather see him fucked off,n up on his shit,nothing ass bitch,hoe them kids gone hate you too..its your fault..if everyone would of known you been fucking him,bitch this wouldnt be so..i believe he didn’t fuck wit dat bitch n did hs thang n let her be hair dresser n that hating ass bitch plotted knowing he was gone act a dam fool..crab ass bitch ,im sorry i dont feel shit for that hoe and im a woman..that bitch makes real we omen look bad


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