New Music: B.o.B – ‘Ray Bands’


Only a day after dropping the dark record “So Hard to Breathe,” B.o.B frees another cut off his sophomore album Strange Clouds. On the uptempo “Ray Bands,” he describes a woman who is in love with his money and fame, and will do anything to be in the limelight.

“She bought them Ray Bands, them Bobby Ray Bands,” sings B.o.B, while also revealing his plans for a rock project. “After Strange Clouds, I’ma drop my rock album.”

Slip on your Ray Bands and see through the eyes of Bobby Ray.

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  1. Zave

    This is DOPE!


  2. Shade

    Another Rapper does a rock album! Who is next….I bet 50$ on Lil B.

    Well to be honest I some songs on Rebirth and I loved WZRD so I hope this will be good.


    What You Saying Reply:

    @Shade, its not a rock album though…and b.o.b is an alternative rapper, so yeahhh


    GottaDamn Luvioe16 Reply:

    @What You Saying, True


    Treyy Reply:

    @Shade, Yeah. I feel like a B.o.B “Rock” album will more like a Coldplay, “Dont Let Me Fall” type project….just Bobby Ray, no B.o.B, which will be beyond dope.


  3. ta j mahal

    He got that goood ish, another banger from Bob


  4. christ



  5. Hugh


    Save some songs for the album tho.
    I think ive heard most of the songs now


    Will Reply:

    @Hugh, haha just what i was thinkin


  6. Jay

    Seriously this song is so fly! B.O.B has major swag. Love it! Imma have this song bumping all day! :)


  7. drew

    ray bans*

    just saying.


    Haha Reply:

    @drew, right lol


    Ice Reply:

    @drew, Beat me to it


  8. SEKinG

    WZRD had a great album, can’t wait to see what B.o.B can put out.

    As for the song, it’s not as good as the past few leaks, but it’s still dope. B.o.B is one of the only new rappers I like.


  9. GottaDamn Luvioe16

    Dope song


  10. Say word

    Did anybody catch that line? She think I owe her (Iowa), des Moines. That was slick


  11. Jakie

    I only listen to this song because B.o.B sings the word “Ray Bands” so funny and the beat of the song, too.


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