New Music: Busta Rhymes f/ M.I.A. – ‘Bad Girls (Remix)’

Busta Rhymes and M.I.A.

Busta Rhymes lives fast and raps even faster on his unofficial remix to M.I.A.’s “Bad Girls.” “Ya’ll ni**as know who be the waviest/ Fuck ya’ll ni**as up again just like Giants did the Patriots,” barks the Cash Money rapper over the rattling Danja production. Listen to Busta bust out some new bars below.


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  1. WWHO

    Busta Rhymes just tries to rap as fast as possible and thats it. What ever happened to him rapping normally and making good music.. Dayumm YMCMB ruins every artist they can..


  2. IkiHav

    YEEEEEEEEEAH. I hope Missy releases hers soon too!


    Ikaryss Reply:

    @IkiHav, me too yooooo


    joey Reply:

    @IkiHav, yeah i heard that missy recorded something for this track


    IkiHav Reply:

    @joey, Missy personally told me so on Twitter :)


  3. YMCMB

    i want nicki on this so bad she will f##k this up i can just hear her on this!


  4. JoshLoveRihanna



  5. Oshawhatever

    Sorry, I wanted to like this. WACK.


  6. HaNi

    this song of video arab crazy of drive


  7. #L3v!... >_



  8. NatNat

    sigh, another sell out on our hands..


  9. andrew

    omg this was rubbish and not necessary.


  10. TheDreamer

    It was better without Busta.


  11. whitechocolate

    i dont care who spits on this beat, it’s still gonna be fresher than every other unoriginal beat out now. missy would body this.


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