Sneak Peek: Justin Bieber – ‘Boyfriend’

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has the ladies clamoring for his affection in the extended preview for “Boyfriend,” which aired on NBC’s “The Voice.” The 18-year-old heartthrob gets felt up and down by his female admirers as he whispers sweet nothings into their ears. His third album Believe has a release date of June 19.


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  1. RAH RAH

    His N00dz will be released, soon!


  2. I'm a strong boy, never cry. U better hit me with a big stone than U broke my heart

    I wish i could hug him ;D


  3. eilli

    So is beiber crying over a guy


  4. _GetLifted

    just release the damn video ain’t the song like 2 minutes anyway, i feel like we saw the video through all the clips..
    *glad i got that off my chest


  5. lolol

    good looking guy, not gonna lie…


  6. Replay

    This guy is such a Usher 2 and a Justin Timberlake… he has not his own style, he is just copying them…. this video is a again a proof.


    don Reply:

    @Replay, i agree. although he is very talented. plays the drums, guitar and the piano. those two don’t


    TEAM WORLD Reply:

    @don, Usher does not play anything but Justin Timberlake play the piano and guitar





  8. Sprinkles

    Gottdamn! How many clips this nigga gonna put out before he release the full video? We prob can put the clips together and make out what it will look like. DAMN SHAME!


  9. BreezyLover

    we have to admit, he’s a good-looking guy and gets more pussy’s than we ever will…


  10. GottaDamn Luvioe16

    damn This guy gonna keep showing clips after clips after clips video before he even Release the fulldamn video


    123456 Reply:

    @GottaDamn Luvioe16, lol. I know, but I think he’s just gonna release it sometime this week. If not, he’s screwing with people because Colin Tilley’s videos only takes 3 weeks to finish.


  11. dave

    dont like the scene with the guitar and the hat,it doesn’t go with the song


  12. No Love

    2 words Justin Bieber ..
    One Direction !!!
    You’ve been replaced !!


    People Reply:

    @No Love, Lol. Next joke please. I’ll take him over those 5 f*ckers any day. They’re not even as cute as the little girls make them out to be.


  13. Shaharukh

    It had some funny moments. Not sure that I eneoyjd it more than the Forrest Gump one that you mentioned though.Dalton J. Fox’s last blog post..


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