Tupac Hologram May Tour with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg and Tupac Shakur

The Tupac Shakur hologram may be coming to a city near you. If you didn’t get to see the haunting image in-person at Coachella this weekend, you may be in luck. There are already talks for the resurrected rapper to tour with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg in the coming months.

The virtual Pac became a viral sensation after he performed “Hail Mary” and “2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted” with Snoop in the desert. The 2-D image, which is technically not a hologram, was created by Digital Domain Media Group Inc. and reportedly cost between $100,000 and $400,000 to produce.

After the overwhelming response, The Wall Street Journal reports that Dre and Snoop plan to continue conversations for a tour involving themselves and the lifelike Pac.

One option could involve a stadium tour with other hip-hop stars on the bill, including Eminem, 50 Cent, and Wiz Khalifa, or a smaller scale outing with only Dre, Snoop, and the virtual Tupac, playing smaller venues.

Dre and his team first approached the visual-effects house a year ago with the idea. “This is just the beginning,” said Ed Ulbrich, Digital Domain’s chief creative officer. “Dre has a massive vision for this.”

Tupac will rise again during the West Coast icons’ headlining set at next weekend’s festival on April 22.

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  1. gustavo

    Now..that’s weird…


  2. C94B

    So Snoop & Dre doing magic shows now ? ‘Cause if anything that’s magic. Tupac is not for real, there won’t be any interaction with the crowd in a natural way. People are going to see an image of a deceased man executing nothing less than a choregraphy (middle fingers, rap routines, etc.) prepared several months prior. This is not a concert.

    When I watched the video, I thought it was amazing. But also scary. And that’s exactly why I was scared. They’re actually going to make money off of this. What’s next ? Kurt Cobain, John Lennon, Bob Marley on post-mortem tour ?

    That’s f*cked up, that’s what it is.



    Melody Thornton's Dress Though Reply:

    @C94B – You need a role model. Or a hug or something.


    C94B Reply:

    @Melody Thornton’s Dress Though,

    I like to make sense when I talk, unlike you. Do you have any viable argument to submit ? Don’t worry about my role models, just give me a favor, go hug a cactus and let me live my life. Thanks.


    Melody Thornton's Dress Though Reply:

    @C94B – No argument needed. The hologram is for showmanship. All the proceeds to make it went to charity. Why you mad? You need a hug? Have a smile once in awhile :-)


    Rad Reply:

    @C94B, I totally agree with you. This is wrong on so many levels.


  3. chickn

    This is dumb and a waste of money. I wouldn’t want to watch a hologram and would tupac have wanted this?


  4. Vhee

    Snoop and Dre would do anything to have sold-out shows – at least that’s how I see it. They did not spend a six-digit figure on technology for just one show.

    I know this may sound rude, but this might also sound like something for Lil’ Kim to think about. Imagine if she brought the Notorious B.I.G. back to revitalise her career.


    OhMYBad Reply:

    @Vhee, Naa… Lil Kim would not do that…her ass is too emotional when it comes to him plus her career really didn’t need Biggie to keep it alive after he died it sky rocketed..


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  6. Piratus

    @C94B,if you are so scared than dont go to concert, I’d rather see lifelike Tupac who will represent real hip hop than watch fake rappers of today


  7. CarlosBonegro

    it was good as a one time thing if they do it again it will be a massive flop


  8. OhMYBad

    This is so weird…Pac hated both of they asses before he died and now this..wow


    Thriller Reply:

    @OhMYBad, really? why??


    Randy Reply:

    @Thriller, that is completely false. he had a falling out with them. who hasnt had an argument with their friends? Pac was upset that snoop was friends with biggie and that dre left deathrow. there was no “hate”. what ohmybad said is defamation and a disgrace to pac’s name and legacy. Please dont believe everything you read dumbasses type on the net. youve got to be smarter. snoop was with pac in the hospital when he died. im disgusted at what ohmybad.

    Just because you have an argument with your brother or sister right before they die does not erase your love for eachother and your history together. You not going to go to their funeral or speak their name because of one little fight after 5 years of being best friends? You think pac took the hatred with him and looks down in disgust? What a pathetic perception of humanity you have.


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  10. Ray

    why are people getting scared all of a sudden, yall saw this shit in movies like the Government has everything


  11. Thriller

    LOVE IT!!


  12. zadoc

    I am sorry folks, but seeing a dead dude perform is pretty creepy. Who’s next? Biggie? Curt Cobain? Freaking Elvis? I’ll pass, thanks.


  13. puzzled

    they taking it to far now


  14. SelectahSnipa

    This is OD.


  15. Songstress

    Yeah this is being taken too far and people are definitely going to be a little creeped out…lol but I guess


  16. TheDreamer

    It was good as a one time thing, but it is kinda creepy to keep doing it. I wish the real 2Pac was still here though.


  17. ashley

    I’m going


  18. Phillip Jecty

    See you there.


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