Azealia Banks Hires Lady Gaga’s Manager

Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks is banking on Lady Gaga’s manager to help further her career. The Harlem rapper has hired music executive Troy Carter to represent her.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the “212” hitmaker recently split from her old management and signed with Carter’s Atom Factory, whose clients include Mindless Behavior and Greyson Chance.

“I just switched management.. Literally like three days ago, and have a whole new set of resources to take advantage of,” tweeted Banks. “We’re gonna vamp this up and make it official.. No more ghetto mixes and closet recording.. I have a budget now!”

Still buzzing from her well-received Coachella performance, the 20-year-old dynamo is prepping her album Broke With Expensive Taste for a September release on Interscope Records. She was previously signed to XL Recordings, but split with the label over creative differences.

Prior to her debut, she will drop the EP 1991 featuring her salacious single “212” as well as new material including “Grand Prix.” The project has been pushed back from its April 17 release date as a result of her new management.

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  1. I'm a strong boy, never cry. U better hit me with a big stone than U broke my heart



    reasonable doubt Reply:

    @I’m a strong boy, never cry. U better hit me with a big stone than U broke my heart, she outta here basically


  2. Alley

    In other words, her career is about to take off. Im happy for her! Best of luck Azealia.



    READY, SET , GO!!!


  4. Lovelyi

    Gooooooo Azealia I wish her the very best of luck….we could use more talented female rappers and she has some great buzz going right now :) I thought Vince managed Gaga


  5. josh

    I’m happy for her Nicki is like 9 yrs older than her lol nicki old


    Os Reply:

    @josh,what nicki have to do with this,you don’t have to put nicki minaj down to put this chick up.


  6. H

    YES! Troy is exactly who Azealia needs, she is gonna blow up! :))

    ^^Vicent Herbert and Troy Carter manage Gaga


    JwalksOnWater Reply:

    @H, Troy also does Fergie & the BEP.
    he was behind Eve too during her succesful years.


  7. H



  8. poppin

    I really like her. She’s so young and talented.


  9. WednesdayAd

    According to Tamar, I thought her husband Vince managed Gaga…


  10. Rasan

    Ha T.I. can’t say he never heard of her now!!!


  11. Felipe

    I hope she works a little bit on her attitude, because her music is just awesome


  12. Outspoken

    Um yea…winning! Good looks Ms Banks! Real talent is about to shut shit down!


  13. JwalksOnWater

    shit just got real

    RIP nicki minaj


  14. Muah

    I support her music because she actually has talent!


  15. Banks Biiitch

    she gone now….super talented young ady. Im happy for her…now lets stop using nigga in every damn line


  16. Theirthedevilschildren

    I’m happy for her. She is definitely a breathe of fresh air!


  17. markstruggle1

    bs wat is have a good manager have to do wit the music people


  18. MmmHmm



  19. GottaDamn Luvioe16

    Good luck for her and she can keep it Moving Guess she will see where it take her @


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  21. TheDreamer

    Good for her. Hopefull some new, good music.



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  23. Explain

    In the beginning wasnt she with 1 of lady gagas old managers and then they had a falling out and she hired someone new and now lady gagas manager again? im confused


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