New Music: Sabi f/ Wale – ‘Where They Do That At?’

Where They Do That At?

Sabi gets her heart played with on her flirtatious new single “Where They Do That At?” featuring her Warner Bros. Records labelmate Wale.

“Just don’t say you love me and never come back,” sings the former Bangz member on the breezy pop tune, but the Maybach Music rapper doesn’t heed her warning.

The Inglewood native is in the studio with Benny Blanco, Diplo, Ammo, DJ Cirkut, The Cataracs, and The Co-Stars recording her debut album.

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  1. musicloves



    Skyy Reply:

    @musicloves, Hi Hater..!! You so burnt on hating you even put it in capital letters….Funny Stup#d Shit…


    georgia23 Reply:

    @musicloves, I don’t really understand what you’re basing the pole-dancing and her being a whore on… Being that this is her first go-round at mainstream success, I’m just gonna take it that you’re bitter she didn’t sign your poster or something. Otherwise, just say you’re not feeling the record and keep it moving. -_-


    GottaDamn Luvioe16 Reply:

    @musicloves, Hola hater just say you’re not feeling the Record and Keep it Moving bum


  2. Skyy

    Really Catchy….am a believer



    This will probably KNOCK this Summer. It’s easy breezy and fun. Perfect kind of Summer time radio song.


  4. georgia23

    I like this… Real smooth cooling music and I love the BGV’s on the chorus. I’d listen to it again.


  5. C1

    I live this sabi’s pen game is so dope!


  6. RihannaFAME

    Its okay, Sabi is gorgeous. The “where they do that, where they do that, where they do that?” was the best part



    just pretty awesome<3 love it go gurl keep it !!!! also fuck the haters ::


  8. sad

    i like it but then again its kinda corny smh everybody wanna sing now days


  9. Theirthedevilschildren

    smh she need to take a seat!Another gimmick… R.I.P to music!


  10. Songstress

    I love this !!!!


  11. Morgan

    Radio friendly … I like


  12. Antonio

    This isnt her first single, She was on that song “You make me feel” by cobra starship and she was on a song called (Drop Dead) Beautiful by Britney Spears, and she had a single out already called Wild Heart. She is actually really good just give her a chance.


  13. Katy

    NO mam. Im not here for her trying to sound and look like Christina Milian………..


  14. DJInVincible74

    Nice song. She sounds a lot like Christina Milian.


  15. ayee

    the link is down……..


  16. Ice

    That chorus takes me back to the late 90s early 2000s, its a good sound, very powerful chorus, imo.


  17. REKYIE.

    <33 !


  18. Chillboyx

    Looks a bit like Aaliyah, sounds like Cassie, its hard to be original I guess. She’s a beautiful girl, hopefully her music comes harder than this.


  19. maya

    corny song but not judging her as an artist until I hear more from her.


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